Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So whats been happening

Wow time just zooms on and on.

I have been doing so many things over the past few months, Working :- done work for Kiss FM Kenya, Cube Productions, London Creative and others.
I have re-done my website
I have re-done Mrs English Bloggers website www.walk-on.co.uk

I have put in new foldback at Church, and been on sound more often than not, which I do enjoy so I don't mind at all.
Mrs EB and I went to London last weekend and had a fantastic time seeing The Lion King, Mrs EB, bought me an IPod in London, which is totally brilliant. Its a 60 gig 5thGen? well that’s what all the gumph says. All I know is I have only filled 4 Gig and and I am nearly out of CD's!!!

I am still depressed, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel...more later