Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Music

On Valentines day Mrs EB and I went to the Little Civic in Wolverhampton, we went with Mandy and Dave to see The Delays. What a band!!! they are gonna be megga big very soon, they write their own stuff and they can really sing and play.

This was a track they played that night Valentine of course. Enjoy the track, if you do get a chance surf for them on You Tube and visit their site via this link. I really do recomend this band and tip them for the top.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A very bad and expensive day

Well what a totally crap day....and I mean CRAP.

Yesterday my car was playing up quite a bit, even more than normal, and it had left a little puddle of liquid by the passenger front side wheel, Mrs EB was having a day off so I took her Corsa and asked if she could take my Fiesta to Kwik Fit and have them check the brakes. I called at lunch time (I don't have phone contact during lesson times) and Mrs EB was really upset. My car had been condemned!!! the head gasket had gone plus a few other would cost a lot more than it was worth to put right!!!!

I had to leave work and sort it out, I was also having a very bad day at my PC was playing up...Mrs EB's laptop wasn't working ...the new washing machine is playing up....Mrs EB had taken the day off to sort things out for the Church’s 100th birthday celebration in March.....We know we are being attacked...but I really want to just curl up and cry.

Anyhooo we have bought a 2nd hand 4 year old Citroen Xara Picaso Desire lets hope it is good friend to us.

(this isn't our actual car)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Never say never huh.....

LOL I wasn't going to blog on here until I thought of something worth blogging about, well on 9/10th full of Penguin's blog he is talking about music and how it makes us feel.

Well music is my life and a huge passion of mine, and I mentioned on his blog about this song, a music track that I think is one of the best piece of produced music I have ever heard. I hope you enjoy it.