Sunday, December 30, 2007


Being laid up in bed with Man-Flu I have been surfing and You Tube has been fantastic, I have gone on a trip down memory lane....I have even found a Watch With Mother I watched as a tiny nipper Called Pogles Wood!!!!! how excellent and how scary for a 3 year old!!! no wonder I love horror films so much.


Hectors House

The hero's of Childrens TV are Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin and here is their story from BBC TV in 2005, Peter is sadly no longer with us amd Oliver is in well earned retirement.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Saturday, December 29, 2007


What a beggar, I am stuck in bed with a cold and very chesty cough...I seem to have caught it from work...see I never had this problem working for myself!!!

I was at work Thursday and I could feel it starting and yesterday morning and I could feel it getting worse, I popped to the boat yesterday afternoon after work so my friend Martin could come and visit, the heating was not working again so I froze for a few hours, by the time I arrived at home I was shivering. I have been in bed ever since and I really don't feel good.

I am just surfing the net, watching TV and taking medicine and generally feeling very sorry for myself.

I am having a interesting time at work, I should be doing a few more things over the coming weeks as my clearances have now come through. I have met a lot of the teachers now and I am a little more confident with the guys, though I am still a little nervous.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Robber Button

I have been asked again a few times about how we got the name for our Narrow Boat "The Robber Button" so here is the explination in video and transcript.

The video is from Blackadder 3; in the first episode, Dish and Dishonesty; this is the transcript:-

Edmund Blackadder: Sir Talbot represented the constituency of(Dunny-on-the-Wold, and, by an extraordinary stroke of luck, it is a rotten borough.
Prince George: Really! Is it! Well, lucky-lucky us. Lucky-lucky-luck. (as a chicken) Luck-luck-LAKK-LAKK-LAKK-LAKK-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck- cluck-LAKK-LAKK-LAKK.
Edmund Blackadder: ...You don't know what a rotten borough is, do you, sir?
Prince George: No.
Edmund Blackadder: So what was the chicken impression in aid of?
Prince George: Well, I just didn't want to hurt your feelings. Erm, so, what is a robber button?
Edmund Blackadder: *Rotten borough*.
Prince George: Oh, yes, you're right.
Edmund Blackadder: A rotten borough, sir, is a constituency where the owner of the land corruptly controls the both the voters and the MP.
Prince George: Good, yes...and a robber button is...?
Edmund Blackadder: Could we leave that for a moment?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Mmmm Christmas was really nice. We went to Church for the Christmas family service then we went to my Mum and Dads for a fantastic dinner. we came home and just vegged far to full to do anything else really.

Today we popped up to the boat, but the heating is still playing up so I have left a message with the Marine Engineers to have another go at fixing it.

I have decided to set myself a challenge for a New Year resolution....I am going to try and give up sweeties and chocolates .... I gave up sugar when I first was diagnosed with Diabetes and I lost a bit of weight, but for the past month I have started to gain it back again.... so from January 1st 2008 I will try and give up the confectionary and see if I can loose 2 stone by the summer? Who knows what will happen.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 21, 2007

I nearly did a week at work!!! I didn't do Wednesday..which was a good thing really as it meant could order Mrs EB's Christmas prezzie.

Work is really good, even though I can't actually do my job!!! I am still waiting for clearance to come through, and as yet that hasn't arrived, I have been shaddowing various teachers and this has been great, esp Tom, Tom is an ex squaddie and is a great guy for making contacts, and where I am working if you need anything doing you need to know the right people and Tom knows everyone, so that has been great meeting all these people.
I am learning that everything takes 4 times longer than the outside world to get anything done and I must be patient, also what used to be a half day induction is now a week!!! so once I am cleared I have a week of induction, then I can start talks about running my class, Praise God!!!!
I did recieve my one piece of service issue clothing!!!! a belt so things are moving on....I only got this because of Tom!!!! (LOL)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Nativity

The Churches Adverising Network have commisioned this:- enjoy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snowman Vs IRN-BRU

I saw this last night and nearly woke up Mrs EB with my laughter....
I hope you like it.
Whilst looking for this advert on You Tube I came across my top Christmas advert, the Coke Advert....again I hope you like it.

I have been so busy for the past few weeks I have hardly noticed it is less than a week to Christmas, it's one of those things very busy and no time to think. I had the Christmas Cabaret (I wont blog about that as I may say things I should think about first) I have my New Job and that is taking up most of my thoughts and of course Church and just living. I looked at the date today and it's December 19th!!!! when did it get there? I still need to do some shopping for Mrs EB's prezzie and I need to go to Tesco so we can eat!!!! and next thing it will be Christmas Day.

So I took a little time out this morning to think about Chris and Matt, it seems like only yesterday that as a group of friends we sat down for a Birthday Curry together in Cafe Garden, I am so please some of my other friends were there as well, I sure miss them both and spending a little time just thinking about them today has made me cry again. Most of my memories of Chris and Matt revolve around food and drink and enjoying ourselves, going out for a curry or popping round to have a meal or going to the pub for a drink and chat....very happy times, I guess that's why I am so sad.... Christmas is a time for family and friends....My Prayers are with Mrs FLN, Timelord and Teapot, Al and those Ooop 'tNorth, and with Dorothy, Carol, Lois and Chris's Family....

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Delays

The other Weekend, Mrs EB and I went out with some friends who come to Malta with us Diving, we went out for a wonderful curry and afterwards we went back to thier house. Once there and after a glass of wine was served my friend Dave put on a CD of a Band Called The Delays wooooooow what a band I just love them, they have a sort of 70's rock feel to them with a modern touch. I borrowed Dave's two albums and quickly put them on my IPod....

Anyhooo I hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I spent Monday at “Work” it was OK, I don’t want to go into too much detail here just to say it’s an environment that will take some getting used to. The rest of the week was pretty normal for me, cooking, shopping and chasing payments...that one I won’t miss at all!!

I popped up to the boat on Thursday with a friend called Dave, I was going to pop to Tixell Wide I got to the junction and tried to go up there but it was frozen solid so we had to turn back, not the easiest thing to do in a 57 foot boat. Friday was spent sorting stuff for the Cabaret at Church, and most of today will spent there as well.

I am in work Monday and Tuesday and I guess that’s about it really.

I was out shopping the other day and guess what? I came across Easter Eggs? what the heck is happening out there???????????????????????????????????????????//

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday update


By Sunday evening I was very nervous about Monday morning and starting my new job, well not really starting the job, starting the security clearing part of the job, but I was still very nervous about being there.


I am/will be working for Derby College, somewhere in the Midlands that doesn’t really let people out. I will be teaching young people about how to make radio programmes and all that entails, such as script writing, editing, collating , choosing the right songs etc. I believe God has called me here to be his light in a dark place. I spent a good day there yesterday and I felt God with me, though I did feel very out of my depth and so far out of my comfort zone it was scary. I will also be doing a teaching qualification as I am working, which is fantastic, if anyone had said to me a year ago I would be doing work to become a teacher I would have laughed at them...God does challenge us doesn’t he!

If you would like to Pray for me in this new venture I would really value that support, if I don’t have your email address can you email me via comprodman at hotmail and I will be in touch with a prayer support email. I am using hotmail in the first instance because I don’t want me regular email addy on here.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Job Update

My Wall of Jericho has come tumbling down!!!! Praise God, and a very big thank you to everyone who has prayed for me as well.

I can now put here a little more about the job, it is a teaching job, I will do a Cert.Ed whilst doing the teaching!!! I can't put any more at the moment as I think it is classed as a sensitive job. ( I know!!! how can it be? I need to speak to my new boss)

It will be a very challenging and dificult job, but I feel I am being called there by God I have prayed and waited up on the Lord and I am now going to be doing. I can honestly say I am scared stiff!!!! I am so far out of my comfort zone I can’t even see it.

I am going to see if I can arrange a prayer support group, even it’s only via email to supprt me in my new venture as there is no way I can do this on my own or in my own strength.

I have spent many years learning about recording and making radio programmes and commercials, working in recording studio's, for the BBC and ILR and in production houses and this is where God has been. God has been guiding me and me showing me what I need to know and learn for this next stage in my life. Monday is the start of this next chapter of mine and Mrs EB's lives. I start afresh with my health the best it has been in a long time in quite possibly the scariest but hopefully the most rewarding job, Praise the Lord.

Monday, December 03, 2007

A busy but amazing day and busy weekend

Yesterday was a very busy day, I was on sound, and I seemed to spend all day at Church, after the morning service there was a small rehearsal for Thursday evening at Little Aston Golf Club, then a quick lunch at Jimmy Spices then back to Church for a mega rehearsal for the evening service to be lead by the youth groups, Ignite and Fusion.

This was a very powerful and amazing service that just left me speechless. God is at work here with the young in our Church. There were skits, videos, Power points and Worship, Prayers, communion and responses’. The one video used just before communion blew me away, it made me cry and also touched me so deeply I am going to put it on here. I hope you watch it to the end and see probably the best Christian Dance ever.

I have decided to update his entry as it is sort of part of my thoughts from last weekend, my thoughts and mind are still focused on the possibility of the Job and I am still praying about it. I have also deleted a load off stuff Facebook, things like Superwall and Funwall as all I seem to get posted on there is either snowballs or chainmail with threats of bad luck???? if I don't post them on, what a load of Bo***cks, I was also getting sexual stuff posted on there. I am still thinking about deleting my account as it has just become so wrong and no one seems to be moderating Facebook. The idea of finding old friends is fantasic and I have caught up with some, but I don't like the way it's just becoming so full of spam and pass this on now or else crap. I have spam filters on my email but there isn't that sort of filter on Facebook. I don't want to come across as a frumpy old git, maybe I am, but these things can and do hurt people and I don't want to be involved with things like that.

Mrs EB was busy on Saturday during the morning and early afternoon so I popped up to the boat and carried on doing little jobs, I still a few jobs to do, like sanding and varnishing the exterior woodwork, I also need to give it a good wash and polish. I think that's about it really, not much else to blog about at the moment.

I have watched this video a few times now and I am just so blown away by it, I don't think I have ever seen anything as powerful as this in dance form.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Music and memories

One of my passions is music, it is just so amazing and emotive, hearing a song from early Childhood brings back so many memories. Hearing a song I heard on a holiday reminds of those times, a worship song I first heard on Radio in America whilst driving brings back happy memories of that drive, the Bagpipe version of Amazing Grace reminds me of my Granddad, he loved the Bagpipes. There are also songs that remind me of times I would rather forget but we do need these as well. This morning as I turned on my Mac and ITunes to listen to music, I always play Party Shuffle it's like ITunes Roulette and chooses songs out of your music folder I have over 4900 songs in there, the first song today was Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Raam, not a well known tune by all accounts but one that reminded me of my friend Matt. Matt would send me songs and I would send him songs, some Matt sent me were not to my taste, but most were, Matt like myself had a passion for music and would listen to anything I sent him and comment on it, sometimes he didn’t like the song but usually he did.

After coming back from Malta last year, one of the small jobs Mrs FLN asked me to do was sort out the music for after the Thanksgiving service, she wanted to play Matt’s ITunes Party list, it was what he played at his 30th Birthday, it was a mixture of music from the year he was born and his favourite music. I also backed up his ITunes music folder to my Firewire drive in case of any problems, the last thing any of us wanted was a problem the evening before the service. A few weeks later going through this folder of eclectic music I found most of the songs I had sent him, it made me smile, I also found music I had never heard of, I listened to some, some I couldn’t as it was locked by ITunes I also copied a few of Matt’s albums to my ITunes including his two Lemon Jelly albums each time they play I think of my office partner.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Afternoon locked up

Yesterday I went Birmingham Gaol, HMP Winson Green, I went with a friend from Church to see the last session of a programme he is part of called, The Sycamore Tree Project. This is an amazing project and I was genuinely moved by what this project has done and is doing in prisons.
On the way to the chapel one of the Chaplains took us through a wing, this really is a scary place and I was shaking as I walked through, it was very oppressive and I had a feeling of depression and loss of will. We set up the Chapel for this afternoon meeting and waited for the man to brought to us. My friend who was leading the programme explained what would happen. the group of men would be split into 4 groups, I would be with one group. They would look at some work they had previously done (our group were to look at the story of Zac the tax collector) and then explain it from a criminals point of view another group from the victims point of view, and so on. This was done really well. Then there was a time of sharing, if anyone wanted to share what the course had meant to them or what they had got out of it. I was genuinely moved by this time, it was a real privilege to hear this, we had a tea break, then the guys had to fill in their work books, and off back to their cells. It doesn’t sound much written down here, but it was an afternoon I will never forget.

God is working in there with Sycamore Tree, and I thank God for that and for the people who are being obedient and serving him there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well that was a great weekend, Friday night we went to the NIA with Amy and saw Bill Bailey, he was brilliant and very funny, Mrs EB and I bought the CD of the gig!!! and I now have a special Jazz version of the Imperial March as a ring tone!!!! For when Mrs EB or my Dad call.

We spent Saturday evening on the boat and came home Sunday afternoon, it was so nice a cosy on board Saturday night, it was raining a quite cold outside but very snugly onboard. We found another slight problem last night...the front door has expanded in the damp and needs some shaving off it..nothing major. I have installed the remote for the new 3kw charger inverter so all OK on The Robber Button.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend update

I have a slight problem...listening to Radio 4 this morning, they were saying that ID theft is growing due to Facebook and blogs!!!!! I don't want to remove my blog as it is a good record of how I have been dealing with some major things over the past 14 months. But I am also aware of that I need to be a bit more careful about what I put up.

Anyhoo what's been happening? Not much, I have been at Church a few times, I have been setting up the PC's in the new offices which has been great. I have been in touch with someone from my interview panel and still no definitive answer...but that's Ok I guess. I popped to the boat with Mrs EB to set the heating to come on a few times a day at the moment, the last thing we want is a burst pipe.

We are going to see Bill Bailey tonight with Amy, I just love his dry humour. Tomorrow we are going to the boat to go and relax and have some peace and quiet. That's about it really nothing much else is happening, I would still value your prayers about the Job, that things would be sorted soon.

Monday, November 19, 2007

That was the Weekend that Was

We had a nice weekend, I spent Friday night alone on "The Robber Button" it was a really peaceful and quiet evening and I was able to have a really nice warm shower thanks to John and John. It did get cold in the night but putting the heating on soon warmed it up.

Saturday Teapot and Timelord visited us for a half day, we had a great time just tootling up to Tixell Wide and having Sausage and Bacon Sandwiches then back to the Marina.

It was so nice to spend a bit of time with them. We were very blessed with the weather... when we set off it was a little overcast and it just started to rain a little by the time we had got to Tixell Wide, so I closed the doors and lit a fire, by the time the sandwiches were cooked the sun had come back out and stayed out until it it set.

We have a few peole who would like to spend some time on the boat and that is fantasic we will welcome guests as we know how relaxing and peaceful it is, Mrs EB has a diary with dates we are free so she is really the person to speak too, I have a rough idea but I have to check with her anyway. I am putting people off who I think would enjoy it a little more when the weather turns again in the spring, it just means a little longer cruising and a bit of a longer day, we only really have 5 hours of cruising time at the moment as it gets dark early and it is not easy going in the dark. It is also cold on that tiller even for a seasoned Captain like myself........LOL

Photo's Viv Sellers

Friday, November 16, 2007

End of week update

I now own a Z8:-not this amazing and beautiful BMW car,which I would love if any of my wonderful readers are thinking of what to get me for Christmas... No I own the Motorola Z8 a great phone with a HDVideo built in!!! and comes with The Bourne Identity on a card to watch with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Its a cheeky little phone and it will take a little while to get used to it but I like it. Mrs EB's new phone a O2 XDA Orbit with SATNAV is very cool. She hasn't set up the satnav yet, she needs a memory card but I did see her setting up the contacts and diary and reading the massive book that came with her phone.

I am off to the boat this afternoon and spending the night there as the nice guys at the marina have now fixed my shower and I need to pay them. Mrs EB is off out tonight in brum and will come back home so I will be on the boat all on my own.... me the ducks and swans.

Timelord, Teapot and Mrs FLN are joining us on the boat Saturday for a little trip and a spot of lunch, I will feel sorry for Timelord, he is used to travel in the TARDIS at lightspeed and we travel at a max speed of 3mph!!!! LOL. It should be a great day out I am really looking forward to it.

I am still waiting to hear back from the interview, I have heard somethings, though I am still waiting to hear if I have got the job or not. I am still praying about it and waiting on the panel and God.

That's about, will blog again next week

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is it a calling or is it me?

I am in one of those places where I am testing my heart with a calling and seeing if it is me or God calling me in to a new job, I honestly do not think it is me, but it might be. I have fears and doing the job will certainly be facing one of them head on and being a coward I tend turn the other way when a fear shows itself to me. So applying for this job is stepping towards my fear head on. I think I am being obedient to a calling from God, as in my heart I knew I should apply for this job even though I don’t have all that is needed to do the job, but if God wants me there he will make the job happen and equip me with the help needed and the teaching to do this for the past few weeks

Team Leader has been preaching about Joshua and being a servant to God and being obedient and doing as God asks. This is a lesson for each of us, but more so myself. The other Sunday (the 5th November) Team Leader showed a great video (veggietales) of Joshua and the story of being obedient to God and doing what God asks him to do and praying for 7 days and marching around the walls of Jericho and the walls then came tumbling down.
Team Leader then gave out Prayer cards marked for 7 day and said if we have a wall we should pray for 7 days about it and see if those walls would come tumbling down. Well I wasn't faithful to this last week, but this week I am trying to be. I am also being obedient and really stepping out of my comfort zone with the job, let’s see if these walls come tumbling down and my being obedient and stepping out in faith all come together in one thing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday - weekend update

This has been an interesting and a little upsetting weekend.

Mrs EB’s brother had entrusted me to collect one of his most amazing pieces of work, an anatomically near perfect replica of a TRex made out of glass. I was tiding up the living room in the morning after I collected it when our cats came in the room at 1000mph and jumped up on the table and broke it. I was and still am devastated. I spent most of the day here in shock and tears. I phoned Mrs EB’s brother in Malta and he was amazingly gracious about the whole thing, saying it was Ok and he was sure he could repair it.

We didn't visit the boat this weekend as we were very busy doing things.

Saturday evening was spent at Church doing the sound for Youth Team leaders leaving party, what a fantastic evening it was a great band and some great dancing from Team Leader!!!!

Sunday I was on sound covering for Mike who had to be on call for work, the evening was lead by Mrs EB and she did a fantastic job, Team Leader preached and as always was just wonderful.

Monday I phoned and left a message with one of the people who interviewed me, so I could find out if I had a chance with the job, LOL the reply was is a little ambiguous but is very encouraging, more later on this when I know a little more.

Well that’s about really on the update front, oh yeah, I have phoned O2 about upgrading my phone, I am using a very old phone at the moment to replace the one I had stolen in Malta, and I have new phone arriving tomorrow a Motorla Z8, I have also got a very good deal for Mrs EB and myself on the tarrif and an amazing phone for Mrs EB with Sat Nav!!!!! I decided against the IPhone as it is first Generation and after reading some reports online, it has a few teething problems, when I upgrade in about a year and a half’s time I am sure it will be 3rd or 4th generation and will hopefully be a phone I will think about.


Well my arrived today in less than 24 hours...but it was the wrong phone!!!!! the hassells trying to exchange and get them to send the right phone, they insisted they had sent the right phone. I eventually got them to agree to the phone I originally agreed too.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Nan and Granddad

Life is very strange and hard at times, I am waiting to hear back from an interview I went too on Monday, I am guessing that I didn't get the job and I am quite sad about that, I honestly thought I could do that job and that I could be a blessing to those I would reach. There is nothing I can do about it now, so I must learn to live with that. A very big thank you to those who prayed for me over this.

Over the past few days I have been working on a photo for my Mum, she has a photo of her Mum and Step Father Fred. (It was taken Italy in the 1970's) Fred was a wonderful man, he was really the only Grandfather I knew, my Dad's dad died when I was about 7 or 8 and I don't really remember him. Anyhooo Granddad as I called him was a chap who was old School, he would never say anything rude in front of a lady and even a slightly risky joke was a no-no. He would take you into another room and whisper it.... He would hold a door open for anyone, and carry the bags. He would help anyone and he looked after and doted on my Nan for many years after her strokes. When Nan died, he mourned her so badly that 12 months later he joined her. We all knew he was dying and it was his wish to do so, he refused any treatment. I had some chats with him just before he died, I was in Florida during December 1999 with Mrs EB and I phoned him every other day to say hi, and he would tell me all the news of what was happening at my Mums, where he now lived. I phoned one day and no one was in, I knew something had happened.

My mum arranged the funeral for when we returned, he was buried in the same the grave plot as Nan. I miss them both, but strangely him more so, he was my mate.

Anyhoo I thought spending this time would be a nice thing to do for my Mum, the photo now looks loads better and will make her happy, and that's what sons are suposed to do isn't it, make mums happy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Something to think about

Rob Bell is an amazing preacher, he set up Marshill Baptist Church on prayer, if you read his books, Velvet Elvis and Sex God he says how it all happened. Rob teaches many many thousands each Sunday and is just an amazing speaker, much like Team Leader. Mission Team Leader got me into his unique way of teaching a few years ago, I could listen to him all day. Anyhoo here is Rob talking about money, it really makes you think.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We had a nice weekend, we spent a lot of it on the boat, we have had a new inverter fitted, it changes the 12volts of the battery to 240 volts it also charges the battery's when connected to the shore line and it works as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) so that means the moment you connect or disconnect from the shore mains or generator it goes to the battery/Shore line or generator. It was very expensive but a very useful piece of equipment. I also have started to put up the window blinds, well I think they are all up now, so I have finished putting up the blinds. I need to pop to a market and pick up some foam sheets for the porthole windows to make some sort of cover/blind for them.

Gaye, Andy and Amy joined us on Saturday night to watch the fireworks from Shugborough Hall (a big disappointment) and to eat loads (very good food again). It was really enjoyable evening with some good company.


I had the interview Monday, it was a tough one, and to be honest I don't know how I did, I answered each question as best as I could, I was honest and said what came from my heart I don't think I could have done much better, I did think of a couple of things in bed last night that I could have said, but there is no point going there as I would end up in a real state.

I have been amazed at the people who really care about me and the interview, I have received Texts and phone calls all encouraging me and asking how things have gone, I should hear sometime this week either way.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Home again

We arrived home safely, I am still annoyed at the loss of my mobile phone, I have got my new sim card but I don't own a new phone as yet, I will pop out later to Sutton and buy a cheap thing. I still have this cold!!!

Borrowed an old O2 phone off my Dad, its very basic but it will get me out of trouble until December 8th when this contract runs out.

I had a nice time in Malta I read a couple of books by Gervase Phinn, he was school inspector in Yorkshire and he writes a fantastic romp about his times, they are very funny and sweet. I also did some recharging as I was very tired after all this diabetes and medication, though I still feel tired I do feel rested after 8 days in the sun.

I am now starting to prepare for my interview on Monday I am not sure at all as to what to prepare? I know I need to think seriously about where I have achieved over the 10 years and surmise that for the interview....what else I just don't know?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday Update

Well Malta has been a slightly different holiday, I have had a nightmare cold and only managed one shallow dive to 9 meters and my sinus's and ears were in pain so we stopped the depth and stayed around there for about 30 minutes. I still have a blocked nose!!!!
I have also had my mobile phone stolen!! what a nightmare that has been, I have let o2 know and the phone is now blocked and they are sending me a new sim card which means I will be OK once I get back, well sort of, if you read this and you have my mobile number can you txt me with your name? I will then have your mobile number again, I had over 150 numbers in my phone.....and some very personal txts I wanted to keep...oh well maybe it was time to let go?
Malta is as Malta is, it doesn't really change, the prices go up but the ways and people remain the same, Mrs EB's brother and partner are great and we have had a wonderful time with them and Mrs EB has done some amazing dives. We have eaten out at some nice places and seen some nice things, we both feel rested and ready to attack November and Christmas and all of that chaos.
I have recieved notice that I have got a full interview for the job I am hoping to get on November 5th at 1:45pm, please could you pray for me at that time?
I'll do another update when I get back to the UK.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have been reading some of my friends blogs and they have made me quite sad, a blog is a wonderful way of expressing yourself without having to say things out loud, and they have done that.

I am about to visit Malta again and I am very apprehensive about this trip, 13 months ago on Malta I received “THAT” phone call and really my life has changed so much since then in many ways. I guess that is why in one way I don’t want to go, in every other aspect, well apart from the flight that is, I am looking forward to going back. I love the diving, the company, the booze, the food and of course just being away with Mrs EB, but I feel that sense of dread and fear about going. I am a nervous flyer, I really do not enjoy flying, but this time it feels different I feel I will receive some awful news again? Or is it that we are flying out of Manchester?

I really don’t know why I should feel like this, I guess I sort of felt the same driving on a motorway for the first time after the accident, I felt it when Mrs EB would take a long trip with work, in fact I still feel uneasy about those.

Maybe these feelings are going to fade, I don’t know, I do know I am not in a good frame of mind at the moment. I hope this passes as we arrive in Malta in the morning and we start a week of relaxing and diving.

Anyhooo a catch up.

Saturday Mrs EB’s brother Bryan joined us on the boat with his friend Jenny and her daughter Fern, we had a wonderful time tootling up to Hoo Mill Lock and then back to Tixell Wide, we met up with Mrs EB just after the junction to the Wolverhampton spur as she was getting her cut and stuff earlier, It was a really nice day.

Sunday Mrs EB was leading the worship so we took it easy and went to Jimmy Spices for what a lunch it was. Very good value and wonderful food.

The boat is in for repair, the shower and toilet, and having a new inverter fitted so hopefully everything will be up and running by today, and will be ready for when we return.

Last night Shannon one of the volunteers came round for tea, she is a wonderful breath of fresh air and is from Fort Myers!!! Where Sanibel Island is!!!!!!! She has borrowed Mrs EB’s new guitar for a few weeks so she can practice her playing.

Well that’s about it really, I may blog in Malta? Who knows. If not after November 1st.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The smoking debate

My good friend Bob and I have been having a chat about smoking, Bob is a smoker and hates being told what to do..well that isn't quite true as he doesn't really go in to bars and pubs, but doesn't like the thought of Big Brother telling him he can't enjoy his cigarette when he wants one. The latest Highway Code was the straw that broke this smokers back as it recommends not lighting up whilst driving as it can distract you, being an ex-smoker I actually agree with what Bob is saying, no one uses two hands to light up, fag in gob, light fag with cigarette lighter with one hand whilst still driving, no more harm than changing gear....apart from when you drop a lighted fag in your lap, there should be no distraction at all. I did drop a lighted fag in my lap twice and it is a scary thing to do.

I don't agree with what Bob is saying about we should let each pub, bar, private club decide if smoking should be allowed on their premises or not as this could lead to confusion and also the breweries would soon be dictating this and not the landlords and within a few weeks we would be back to how it was June. Smokers can still "enjoy" their poison outside (most pubs seem to have a new area with heaters and roof just for this) and it is also a great incentive for those smokers who want to give up too do just that. I know when I gave up it was nearly impossible to stay stopped smoking by going into a Smokey pub or club, so really it is a good thing having a smoke free pub isn't it? I can list a few benefits from a non-smokers point of view, I don’t come home smelling of stale smoke needing to have a shower so I can sleep, I am not being poisoned by just breathing and chatting to friends, food tastes 100% better without smoke in the air and best of all my clothes stay fresher for longer.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catch up

Saturday was a top day, Amy popped to see us on The Robber Button and we had a little trip up to Hoo Mill Lock and then onto Tixell Wide. It was a lot colder and damper, amazing in just a week, Timelord visited us for a little bit of Mrs EB's cooking for tea, and he was a real gent and supplied the pudding.

Sunday we went to see my Ma-in-Law in Gloucester and took her out for lunch then a trip around the docks, a nice day, I did all the driving as Mrs EB was a little tired after her trip to Belfast in the week. I went to Church in the evening and was moved my Simon's testimony he was a troubled young man and his testimony was very similar to mine 20 years ago.

Monday I went for an interview, I won’t say too much here at the moment, only to say it was something that touched me greatly, I have a 2nd interview in November and if I get the job I will be changing direction slightly, this is a job that will be the most challenging thing I have ever done and there is no way I could do it without GOD. Please pray for me on November 5th that God guides me in what to say, and if it is his will I will get the job.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Artwork - The Jim McCormack way.

For the last two days I have had a privilege and honour to spend time with Jim McCormack ... who? well he was the signwriter for "The Robber Button". He is a real talented man who knows his job. He does boats in two ways either all free hand or a way called masking. Some say this cheating...I don't. It's a slightly quicker way of doing it, but it still takes an artist to do it.

Jim is someone who knows his job, he doesn't mess, he just does it at a steady pace, as long as he has plenty of mugs of tea and the odd bacon butty.

Jim designes the wording and scrolls in his studio, he emails his ideas to you. He then does all the cutting out then brings the stencil to the boat. He cleans the panel and measures and adheres the mask to the panel, he paints the open bits, lets it dry slightly, then takes the shading parts out, does that bit, removes the stencil, and does the free hand stuff. It saves two days work and saved us two days payment.

I am very happy with Jim's finsihed work, it looks a 100% profesional piece of artwork that is just amazing and stands out, and is far better than some on the canal network we have seen.

Below are a series of photo's of Jim transforming "The Robber Button"

Fixing the Mask

The Mask

Mixing the paint

Filling in the mask

Filling in the shade and blending the shades (a real peice of art)

Doing the shading o
n the nose free hand

Doing the Free Hand on the panels

A Finished Panel

The Other main Panel Finshed

The Double Panel full view

A long View of "THE ROBBER BUTTON"

I am so pleased with Jim's work it has made the boat "Ours" he is a dying breed of men who served a 7 apprenticeship and worked for and with his dad. It's a talent that isn't being passed on these days, which is a shame. Jim has ambitions to only do narrow boats working from a narrow boat, at the moment he still does lorries trailers and trucks and the odd food caravan.

As I said earlier it was a real privalidge to spend some time with Jim, learning about his job and things, I hope to bump into him again soon, knowing the talent it wont be long before he is working at Great Haywood doing more boats.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boat Props and Paint

Today Jim came to the boat, he brought his paints and talents, and has painted the one side, tomorrow he does the other side. These photo's are only when he was painting and don't really give the artwork justice, I have some better photo's taken with my camera and not my phone (These are phone)

I will blog those tomorrow if I remember to bring the right leads home!!!!! Like a numpty I left my camera leads on the boat

Anyhoo the marine engineers took some photo's of the bent propeller which I have posted at the the end of this blog...they break my heart, but as you can see by the last picture the bend isn't as bad now. Well done John and John.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A boat trip with my family

The other weekend, my Mum and Dad brought my older brothers two children to the boat for the day. Pippa and Sam, both really wonderful children, very polite and well behaved. We had a days trip out to Acton Trussel. A lovely couple called Dave and Jenny lent us some life vests for Sam and Pippa (best to be safe rather than sorry)

They looked great in the life vests, and both took to the in seconds, after the initial shock that even big boats sway .....

We did two locks, and the one lock was whereI bent the propeller (grrrrr)

Ronnie had a go at the tiller and did OK, it is a lot harder than it looks and does take a bit of time to get your head around how it turns and moves through the water

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Part 2

It's Sunday afternoon, it's a lazy day in a sort of way, I only have sound to do at Church this evening really. I am sat here reading blogs and surfing the interwebby, Mrs EB is snoozing the cats are asleep, the heating is on as the dampness of Autumn is setting in, all in all everything is just wonderful in my life at the moment.

We Prayed this morning about being thankful for what we have, as I am sat here I am so grateful to God for all I have. My health is slowly returning, now I am managing my blood sugar and taking the pills, I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful home, an amazing narrow boat, some of the best friends a person could have, a Church that has teaching and worship 2nd to none.

Today is a day I am so blessed to see, twelve months ago, I honestly did not think I could or would feel like this. I do still feel the pain of the loss of my two friends, and I think about them a lot, but God is a wonderful healer, and he is healing the pain within me slowly and again I am thankful to my Lord and Saviour for this healing.

It is Harvest Sunday and we are doing it in a different way today at SCBC, we are giving gifts to a servant called Steven, he works with the homeless in Birmingham, he has a list of things he needs to do his servant job. These range from bars of soap. rucksacks and sleeping bags to safety razors and many things in-between. As we listened to Team Leader preach this morning about being forgetful I was thinking about Matt and Chris and the last times I spent with them. (I never want to forget these memories) I won’t write about those memories here today, maybe in another blog? It struck home how easy it is to forget to say thank you, I do forget to say those two words a lot. I guess by tomorrow I will forget again, but today I am thanking God for my life, my friends and all I have. Without God it is worthless just a futile race to gain a few things then pass on to nothing. With God I have everything, and an eternity to enjoy it...Thank you, Lord.

Sunday Part 1

We had a great weekend, well Friday night and Saturday on the boat. Two friends who we go on Diving Holidays with came with us as our first weekend stop over guests. Amanda and David, they arrived about 7pm-ish so it was too late to set off as it had started to get dark, a unwritten rule is no night boating, you can but it is frowned up on. So we stayed in the marina and had a wonderful meal cooked by Mrs EB. We then had a few drinks and played Monopoly until 3am!!! and we were far too tired and a little to tidily to play anymore.

Mrs EB and I woke about 8am, and I made the boat ready and I started her on her way to Tixell Wide, David and Amanda got up when we were under way and we moored up at Tixell , Mrs EB made breakfast and tea and coffee. After Breakie we headed off for Acton Trussel and the Moat House for Lunch, this involves two Locks and quite few bridges, two really nasty ones with some very sharp turns and very narrow sailing area. Anyhooo David had a go at steering and did very well, as did Amanda. After a wonderful lunch we headed back to the Marina and got back just as the light faded away. I reversed into our mooring for the first time, not easy with a 57 foot boat let me tell you.

All in all a really nice weekend though I am a tad tired today.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekly Update

Pheww another week has flown by.

We took my Mum and Dad and Pippa and Sam my niece and nephew out on the boat for the day on Saturday, we had a great time. Entering Tixell Lock I heard a crunch and bang by the propeller...and the steering went light and we had a few shakes. When we stopped at Acton Trussell for lunch I checked the prop through the weed hatch, and one blade was bent!!! I was so upset and brand new narrow boat and now it is damaged.

On Sunday after the mornings service we went to the marina as it was the official opening, a hog roast and free beer!!! Whilst there I had a chat with marine engineers and they said they would take a look at the prop in the week. I also took the starting battery off as it was playing up.

Monday I picked Phill M up and we went to Braunston and took that battery back, they exchanged it for a new one but twice the size.... we then went to Great Haywood and returned the battery to the boat, I connected it up and nothing....I stuck it on charge and came home a little deflated.

Tuesday, I picked up Phil M and Claudio and we set off to Great Haywood for a day on the boat, once there I checked the battery , a good 12 volts, I tried to turn it over ...nothing? I popped and saw the John and John the marine engineers...Big John had a good look, he said it was an earth leak? he checked the connections and I hadn't connected the earth to the negative...I didn't notice one on before.

Wednesday I spent mixing the live blues album recorded in August in Garrigil with my brother in law Bryan, it sounds great a real good feel of their music. Also the guys at the marina took The Robber Button out of the water to look at the prop, and they have bent it back. I am not sure of the cast of this, I will find out Friday.

Thursday was spent at the Production house that uses me when their guy is away, I had a stressful but good day there, one session was with the comedian Hugh Dennis, a really nice guy and a good session once we could get the connection working.

Today I am at Church at Lunchtime mixing the sound for a lunch then I am off to the boat.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I have been depressed and I have also been a little busy, up and down to the boat.
Work...well not much to report, in fact nothing at all this week. I have two days next week which is great.

It's been one of those weeks. Some highs some lows. The best thing was I went to see the practise sister and my Doc at the GP's on Wednesday and was told I am doing mega well with my diet and looking after myself and my Diabetes seems to be under control. My Blood Sugar has dropped, so has my blood pressure and cholesterol.

I took a visitor from Rwanda to see the boat today and we went for a short trip, though it was cold and started to rain and Celestine found that a bit much and left me on my own as he went inside. We are taking my Mum and Dad out on Saturday with a niece and nephew of mine which will be really nice.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I have not had a lot of work these past few months and it is quite depressing...I had a call on Friday from the company in Coleshill that book me when their producer is away asking if I was free 1st to 5th October. I said yes..I felt like saying let me check my diary and rustling some paper (lol) .
whilst gardening/ ungardening yesterday I had a call from the company confirming Thursday and Friday with a celeb VO and a massive mixing session and also to quote a outside recording session in Lancashire.
I have say today I ache in my shoulders, back and my knees my Mum just phoned to tell me my Dad who is over 70 has gone to work on two houses he is fixing up for some builders!!!! That man is totally amazing.

Well the two chairs have just arrived only the Hi-Fi to come and I can pop up and take them to the boat.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

another update

Last week I was visited by Jim the sign writer and I told him what we wanted and he said what he could do. Yesterday he emailed me a plan of what he can do. (The colours are just for show on the diagram) We are going to have cream writing and a light blue highlight I think.

I am supposed to be doing the drive with Dad today, my dad ordered a skip for this, this morning and he refused to deliver it, saying there was too much hardcore and he wouldn’t leave it on the road outside my house? We phoned another company, they came and delivered the skip and after an exhausting day cleared the drive!!!! I am so tired now it isn't funny.

We had a nice weekend on the boat and took her out to Acton Trussell for a short run, we are both a little more confident in steering her now, we have ordered the comfy seats for the saloon/living area of the boat and we have also now ordered the Hi-Fi as well. Once all these bits in and we have some nice weather we will look forward to inviting and receiving visitors

Thursday, September 13, 2007

some ramblings

I am still feeling strange, I feel as though I have had a massive work out, or been shopping all day just before Christmas. I woke up and felt as if I haven't been to sleep?

Up until now i have been feeling so much better, I take my pills and slowly my blood sugar has been coming down and my energy levels have been coming up, if I feel like this tomorrow I will pop and pester poor old Dr X again.

So what’s been happening? Not a great deal really I did pop to church for the Seconds Out meeting, it was a good meeting and I am glad I went, but I feel so tired and achy. I am hoping to spend the weekend on "The Robber Button" with Mrs EB getting it ready for guests, a little to do yet, I also should be hearing back from the sign writer very soon with a proof of what he will be doing.... it will just be a matter of saying yes and finding a day for him to come and do it.

We are off to Malta for a week’s holiday at the end of October to see Mrs EB's brother and I am hoping I can do some diving, we need to find out if the insurance covers me now? if not I can possibly do some shallow dives but nothing over 20 meters as if something happened I wouldn't be able to cover the costs of decompression treatment. I haven't dived since the day before the accident last year. Mrs EB carried on diving but heart wasn't in it and not being 100% under the water is a massive NO-NO as it can very dangerous. can be? actually, it is a very dangerous sport that is what it is listed as... So I would like to do a little diving and I am sure I will do some but maybe not the deep wreck dives and the Blue Hole....but that's OK as long as Mrs EB gets a few great dives in I will be happy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It has been a mixed few days: I had a little job from Kenya and I was at Church this afternoon looking after the sound at a funeral/thanksgiving service. Tonight I am suposed to be at church again for a little get together for the Seconds Thoughts mission. I seem to have no energy today at all, I have felt off for a few days and the past two days I feel like I have flu but only the achey bones bit and the no energy.

I guess I may trundle upto church for an hour later but I really don't feel like it. I just want to go to bed and sleep....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Suprised? no

Little Madeleine McCann went missing some 4 months ago. No trace of her has really been seen again. My heart goes out to her parents and grandparents. The news coverage has been up there all the time thanks to Gerry and Kate's tenacity. What actually happened that night only one or two people actually know and I hope and pray one day that the truth will come out. What has amazed me is the feeling of total shock from family and friends that Gerry and Kate are prime suspects? I cannot believe that it has taken all this time to officially make them prime suspects.

Here are the facts that are know:-

A Child has gone missing from an unsupervised home.
The Parents are the last known people to have actually seen that Child.

Ask any detective and he will tell you, the last known person to see a victim holds vital clues and will nearly always know something about what has happened. I am not saying that they know what has happened to little Maddy, but I am also not surprised that they are prime suspects either. In this crazy world we live in anything is possible and evil and horrid things happen every day. I truly hope and pray that Maddy is found alive and unharmed, as the months plod on this seems less and less likely.

Monday, September 10, 2007

1 quick and so long, and very emotional.

12 months ago today I was on a ferry crossing from Malta to Gozo for a days diving when I recieved a call from Mission Team Leader, it was a call that has changed my life. Not in the same way it has changed Mrs FLN or Timelord or Teapot, but it has had a massive effect on me.

I am sort of OK today, I have kept myself busy and have called Mrs FLN to see if she needed anything. I feel sort of shell shocked today and very sad and heart broken again. I can hear my friends talking to me laughing and pulling my leg as they always did. I really wish they were here to do it...though that is the selfish me wanting they are in Glory and I really miss them.

Sorry this blog is not very well written, it's just my feelings put down as they came between the tears and heartbreak.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I am sat on "The Robber Button" in the marina, it's a beautiful day, it's warm, blue skys, loads of ducks quacking and various other birds tweeting and flying past. All is right with world....well it isn't but all seems to be.

I have been so busy doing things these past few weeks, getting the house ready to sell, and buying the boat that last year seems so far away, yet it is just a milli-second away. Where we are moored it is actually not that far away from the where it all happend, and in only a few days time it is 1 year? In one way it still doesn't seem real, in another it feels like only a few weeks ago I was eating a curry with Matt and Chris, in another way it seems so long ago when I last chatted with them.

I just don't know how I feel at the moment? I don't have the words to express it. I know both Chris and Matt would have loved the boat and I would have loved having them on board, but there is no way I would have let Chris take the tiller after hearing how he nearly sank one narrow boat.

Monday, September 03, 2007

So much to say:

Friday we went to Braunston and took over "The Robber Button" Huzah!!!!! It was a day spent traveling; Mr EB Snr and his friend Ron took us to the Marina, showing them the boat, unloading the car of bedding and other bits and bobs. Kettle (to be found out is a no no on narrow boats, use the gas it saves the batteries!!!. A toaster....again a no no, use the gas grill. Clothes etc. We spent time sorting things and learning where to put stuff. (Space is of a premium on a small boat)

Saturday we did our day course with James, it was 7 hours of far to much info, but between us we have gleamed a little info. Who would have thought you would need to know so much info for a such a slow boat? We both felt this was a day we needed to do, it was like having a massive driving lesson, it took us through the basics and, wel,l we needed it. When we said good-bye to James and carried on we felt a little scared but it was OK.

Sunday; Mrs EB and I did our own thing for the day; it was a tough day and we did have a few problems that we solved in our own way. We did 11 locks at Atherston and also about 12 miles of canal. This may not seem much but at a max of 4 mph and when passing a moored boat 1 mph, it can a long time. I think we eventually moored up at 6pm-ish. Mr and Mrs EB Snr picked us up Mrs EB and left me alone, Mrs EB was coming back with a few we left behind, then going home again as she had work in the morning. I went out for a walk along the towpath looking for some sticks and logs to burn on the woodburner. I couldn't find any, but bumped into a fellow boater, he gave me a big log and an axe!!!! after a while he said actually I have a brand new chain saw inside...and he did!!!! and he cut up some logs for me. I took my logs back and took him a few bottles of beer as a thank you. My neighbour for the night saw I needed some logs and also gave some...this was just wonderful and even though I didn't know these guys they both showed the true meaning of love. When Mrs EB arrived back she could hardly believe I had a wonderful log fire burning.

Monday, I was on my own and I sailed for nearly 11 hours on my own I did 5 locks and I was just totally worn out by the end of the day. The highlight of the day was seeing a King Fisher flying past me. The low point hitting a bridge ( I was tired and well it just happened!!!) I also saw the other side of boaters. I pulled in at Fradley Junction in a mooring and was just about to have a small break and wait for Mrs EB when a chap arrived at my boat and was really grumpy and very rude and told me to move my boat as it was his mooring, and he said he needed in a few hours time? I explained I was on my own and was just waiting for my wife to arrive...well I moved on. and carried on up to Kings Bromely far to tired to manover the narrow boat. I moored up oposite a warf.

Tuesday; The next morning I spoke to warf owner and asked him to mix up some paint and he said I could moor up on his warf...(A nice person) Whilst doing this a lady, Margaret, helped me...she had been boating for over 30 years...I helped her move some logs and she showed me her old boat. A friend from church arrived to help me for the day, he has had a boat for years and he loved sailing mine. I took over to take her into the marina.

Wedesday; I spent at the marina with a chap called Carl from Braunston, he was sent over to fix a few snags I had found en-route. A really nice guy who told me about the toaster and kettle!!! I also started to paint the inside of the water tank, (it was starting to rust as it has sat with a bit of water in for a very long time) I ended up with a lot of water proof paint on me!!! and now I cant get it off!!! and I have even more to do tomorow. After this busy day I headed for church as the new sound desk had arrived and needed to be fitted before Thursday so I can set it for Sunday and have music group arround for the practise.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bank Holiday Update

Well that was a very busy weekend here is an update of what happened and where we are at now

I travelled upto Garrigill on Friday evening with my Brother-in-law Bryan and got to my Sister-in-law Liz's at about 12:30 am, had a glass of wine and off to bed. We got up early had a wonderful cooked breaky and Bro-in-Law and I went out for the Morning. We came back in time to meet the rest of his blues band in the pub!!! We had some lunch and set up for the gig. I was recording the event on Pro Tools via 12 or so mics.

We had tea and washed and changed and off we went to the village hall for a night of blues, a rather spiffing night it was as well. Afterwards it was back to Mrs EB's sisters for some more wine and food and a very late night. Sunday morning was spent striking the gig and getting my gear back to Sister-in-laws, saying good bye to the band and Bro-in-law then getting ready for Mrs EB's arrival, Mrs EB arrived about 12:30 am.

Got up about 9am Monday had a great cooked breaky and I took Mrs EB and her sister to her sweetie shop, Mrs EB was going to be working in there all day, about 11am I took Mrs EB's sisters friend Pete down to the shop and brought Liz back as Monday was Garrigill Gala day!!! There were bands on the village green and various stalls and being a Rubber Duck race down the stream the Tyne!!! (the river starts 1.5 miles up on the moor. ) Anyhoo I was asked to wear a large ducks costume to advertsie this event!!! I was cadjolled into this and it was boiling hot!!! I walked about the village looking a total idiot, waving at kids and along with a young chap we were selling ducks for the race. Then a local photographer from a local paper arrived and took my picture...half an hour later yet another photgrapher arrived. After what was a fantastic day Liz and I went to Alston to pick up Mrs EB and Pete, Liz did the till tally and found out that Mrs EB and Pete had taken the most ever for a day!!!!

We arrived home late Monday night and Mrs EB transfered funds for "The Robber Button" and these should be well cleared by Friday, when Mrs has another day off, we are doing the day course on Saturday and we will be away this weekend as we start to take her to Great Haywood. So that was my weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have been a really busy bunny since my last Blog.

Anyhoo what’s been going on? Well we had new carpets all over the house apart from the living room, so we emptied the rest of the house into the living room, that took a couple of days and a couple of days to put it all back again. Whilst sorting through all of the stuff we have gotten rid of loads of bits and pieces... So I have been up to the tip more times than I can remember and to Second Thoughts (A shop owned and run by our Church) a few times.

I have also been cleaning a tiding the house as today an estate agent is calling in to value our property....ironic really the house is now looking how I have wanted it too for years and now we sell...but we really want the boat and its a matter of finance really, we don't have enough......

Well the estate agent called round and was here for a couple of hours going through how they will market the house etc, and how much she thinks will get for EB Towers…I was very happy with what she said and I called Mrs EB and she was also happy so we agreed and I guess by Friday EB Towers will be on the market.
The cheque finally arrived and I drove into Brum and paid that into our Smile account via the C0-Op bank and then I phoned the Marina and let them know we now have the money, I also booked James for our day skipper course for a week Saturday, that also means I will be away for that following week, finally bringing home "The Robber Button".....

What else?

My Bloods are slowly coming down but they are still roller coastering away up and down, but generally I am feeling so much better now, I have also lost a stone!!!! 14lbs for my readers from across the pond. That is just cutting out sugar, I can't believe it? I am also starting to actually get some energy back which is really nice.
I am away this weekend up in Garrigill recording my Brother in Laws blues band at a festival, I am really looking forward to spending a bit of time with my in-law family, though Mrs EB can't come up until Sunday night after she has lead worship at church. Its a 5 to 6 hour Journey so please pray for our safe arrival and return.

That’s about it really…

Monday, August 20, 2007

My Fat, Mad Teanage Diary

I am a very blessed person to know my friends and colleagues, one of my friends and former colleagues is a really talent lady called Rae Earl. Rae was a writer when I was a producer in Nottingham she left to be a presenter on Radio, first in Derby and now in Leicester with her husband Kev they do a joint breakfast show. Well my very talented friend Rae has written a book!!! and it is dues for release any day now (Tuesday 21st August) here is a review and an EXTRACT IN THE GUARDIAN from the book ... in the Guardian magazine (Saturday 4th August).
It's 1989 and Rae is a fat, boy-mad 17-year-old girl, living in Stamford, Lincolnshire with her mum and their deaf white cat in a council house with a mint off-green bath suite and a larder Rae can't keep away from. This is the hilarious and touching real-life diary she kept during that fateful year -with characters likeher evil friend Bethany, Bethany's besotted boyfriend, and the boys from the grammar school up the road (who have code names like Haddock and Battered Sausage). My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary" evokes a vanished time when Charles and Di are still together, the Berlin wall is up, Kylie is expected to disappear from the charts at any moment and it's GBP1 for a Snakebite and Black in the Vaults pub. My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary" will appeal to anyone who's lived through the 1980s. But it will also strike a chord with anyone who's ever been a confused, lonely teenager who clashes with their mother, takes themselves VERY seriously and has no idea how hilarious they are.

I have been blessed or not to win a copy from Rae and a bottle of Champers (which will be drunk on The Robber Button). The reason I say I may not be blessed to win is because I entered a competition with an awful photo of myself so its a sort of back handed compliment. I am just so proud of Rae for using her talent and writing this amazing book. Long evenings on my boat reading books written by my friends...just perfect.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I have spent a bit of time re-reading my Blog from August to December last year, from the sadness I felt as Mrs EB went to Brazil, her return, my excitement of going back to Malta and diving again to hearing the worst news ever. How I dealt with the news and how I felt over the first few months. I am really glad I kept this Blog, it has helped me by reading it. I know I don't feel the same now....I felt so numb and I don't feel numb anymore. I don't remember some days at all or where I went, what I did, I think I was just on auto-pilot for most of the time. The feelings I have now are of sadness but I also feel comfort from spending time with my friends who knew Matt and Chris. They often come up in convocation which is really nice. We talk about them and remember their parts in our lives. I don't really cry anymore, I guess that part with me has now moved on, I do still feel that great loss and I guess I will feel that for many, many years.

As September rolls round so quickly, I no doubt I will shed tears and spend time with people who knew and loved those special men. I will share stories and anecdotes, I will laugh a lot and have my heart break again, but that is OK. I have learned this year that a broken heart is a good thing if it is shared with people who love and care for you.

If you do read my blog please pray for the families of Chris and Matt, it doesn’t matter that you don’t know their individual names, God does and he listens to all prayers.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wednesday & Thursday

After what seemed like an age and a half I finally managed to get the video onto my Mac along with the stills for Seconds Out and edit it, I think I have found a great track to go behind it, so when Georgie back off her holidays I will show it to her and see if she wants any changes.

I am feeling a very rough again today a bad head and feel a quite queasy I am noticing these things more these days now as I am feeling better more often than not now so the days I feel rough I really notice it. I am guessing that is a good thing?

I have noticed since I have started taking my medication I am feeling generally more with it, and have some energy and I feel brighter; I am also noticing how sweet something’s are now I have generally cut out sugar (I never had sugar added to drinks). I am still really craving sweets and I am supplementing that with an orange or peanuts.

I am still feeling a bit iffy and this is starting to worry me as I am now on a new medication...I will give it a few more days and then I will go and see Dr X if it continues.

Anyhoo I have spent ages varnishing the banister and balustrades with a finishing varnish, I had done them with just an interior varnish but that will lift with use so a hard exterior varnish was needed. I think we are ready - decorating wise for the carpets to be fitted on Wednesday.