Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have had a trip out to the MASTA Clinic!!!! the what? well if you intend to visit places that don't have the same diseases as us you need to visit there for a Cholera injection as my GP clinic doesn't do that one? well if only it were that easy!!!
Monday I called to make an appointment, the message said leave your name and number someone will call you back, I believed this statement of fact and did just that. I phoned at 10am and by 6pm no one had called me back? So yesterday I went to Handsworth Wood and visited the centre to ask for an appointment I have one for next week. Joy of joys....

I have a friend...well I like to think I have a few friends, but one friend who emigrated to Beijing a couple of years ago, we worked together at GWR Creative in Nottingham knocking out adverts by the dozen every day. Well my friend Richard has started a blog!!!! only a few years behind everyone else...but he was always like that (a little slow) It is good to welcome Richard to the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy Richard's slant on life, which seems to be a hankering for American food? I think I would want a good old English Roast or British Balti, each to his or her own huh?

Lastly, I have heard off Mrs EB from the Girls Brigade Camp that she has laryngitis via a text as she couldn't phone.. what luck huh, she never has that here!!!! I knew I could never be that lucky.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

I was never what you would call a fan of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, more someone who didn't mind the music. I have used Penguin Cafe music in adverts and heard it on TV and Radio, so after my searches on Saturday I thought I would spend some time listening to their music. I have a couple of tracks on my Ipod and did some more searches on You Tube, and actually found the more tracks I listened too the more I liked the music. I did a search for a website, and did some reading and then looked at the new stuff for years? well I bought an album called A History (only £10 on Itunes) ...then I did a little more hunting on the founder Simon Jeffes an amazingly talented man, and he had passed away in December 1997... no wonder no new music then. I can honestly say the past few days listening to his and their music has been a real treat.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whilst the Cats Away

Well whilst Mrs EB is away...I have been out with my Mum and Dad to The Lodge for a curry, very tasty it was as well.

As a reader of my Blog you will know music is in my blood and I am often taken by a piece of music and then I can spend ages tracing it and today was one of those days, armed with a £15 Itunes voucher I went a hunting.
1st one was by Karl Orff a piece for Xylophone that is used in the HSBC bank commercial, I have used a few times making Radio ads and traced it on Itunes a well spent .79p then was a the toughie. Just what is the music used on the MFI advert? I knew it, I have heard it time and again, in films and adverts, but not who did or a name. Good old google and Youtube.

It is an oldish tune called "Music for a Found Harmonium" by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the ones that did the amazing piece called "Telephone and Rubber Band" that was used in the old One2One telephone advert, I'll stick it up here as well so you know the one I mean.

I do love You Tube, so I went a hunting and found it was by an Irish Folk Band called Patrick Street...another 79p well spent well I bought 2 versions by Patrick Street a live and studio version and I think I may be buying an album called Irish Times as they really are amazing.

So that has been my Saturday, apart from seeing Mrs EB off to GB Camp and a bit of soldering and pre-mixing my album tracks so that the vocals can be done.... I am off to my Parents for a Sunday Roast tomorrow as banana

Monday, July 21, 2008

An Update ....

I have not been feeling good again? I am not sure what it might be my medications or a virus or something? I am feeling very rough with a stomach that is doing untold things, a migraine that won’t lift and ..........

Anyhoo Mrs EB is off GB camp this Saturday!!! It is her first time with GB and I am sure she will have fun camping. I have a week alone I wonder what I will do about food...any Ideas? (bet it will involve Curry)

Thanks to Amy, Pete and Mrs EB I have started work on the Worship Album that I hoping to release in September to help raise the Money to go to Mozambique. My good friend Skip is now back from his guitar playing in Keswick so I am hoping he can pop round and start work on the guitar and bass.

I then need to organise an evening or Saturday for my friends to come round and sing!!!! that will be great fun and I know will sound great.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Steve and Me

I am reading a book called Steve and Me by Terri Irwin, I have had the book some time now, but I haven't been able to look at it. Steve died tragically days before my two friends Matt and Chris, and it has just been far to painful to even pick the book up.

Anyhoo I have started reading the book, it is written with love and care, and yes I am crying as I read it but that is OK, I have learned that to cry is OK. I loved Steve Irwin his passion and love of wildlife was so amazing it had me gripped. I would be gripped by his programmes and his easy on camera style. He made me feel like he was actually talking to me and explaining everything to me.

The book is so tender it must have been a labour of love and such pain to write. My heart and prayer go out to Terri, Bindi and young Bob.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Music from the Dr

I am a massive Dr Who fan I love the adventure and the morality of the show, I love David Tennant's energy and passion that come out in the show. I know there are things wrong with it, I don't care. One of the things I do love about the show is the music and this years offerings where amazing. The Song of the Ood by was so beautiful it actually made me cry...yeah yeah yeah I know...

Well this music was reprised was reprised for Journey Home

I really hope these will be available on CD or Download they are so amazing.

Ohh a version from the Proms LIVE!!!


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Mission.......Mozambigue

My Church is sending a team out to Mozambique for two weeks at end of November and I have been accepted on to the team. This is so exciting and also very challenging, firstly health wise I have to get the all clear from my Dr, and financially I have to raise £1500.00 or there abouts.

This is making me a little nervous, it is a lot of money especially when you are unemployed....I have a plan to make a Worship album...don't worry I wont be singing or playing on it. I have some amazingly talented friends who hopefully will do that for me. I actually have 5 tracks virtually ready!!! last year we made an Album for Mullins Burger to help finance a 2nd year at Nexus but that wasn't to be, so it was mothballed and 4 of the tracks off there are ideal. I have also recorded another track with my great friend Skip and that is nearly just needs some harmonies and recorder... so the album is half finished.

So I have an idea for raising some of the money.... Mrs FLN thinks I should auction off a day on The Robber Button ..... who knows? I do know that if it is right for me to go that God will provide the money for the mission trip.