Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blood tests and what to eat for Breakfast?

Every day now I have to prick one of my fingers and release a drop of blood. I have to do this about 4-8 times a day until I see the specialist on Friday. When I have released the blood I then have to test it using my state of the art blood tester!!!! "The GlucoMan Visio."
The thing that looks like a pen is a device that goes with little blue things in front of it, the square end comes off those little blue things to reveal a little sharp pin end, this fits in the pen and you pull the end back press the green button and it fires a tiny jolt by putting this on the end of your finger it pricks it and a tiny drop of blood appears quite painless really, though for the first two days my finger was a little sore!!!

I put a tiny strip into the machine it tells me what code it is? not sure what that bit is about. then it says it is ready. I then dip the other end in my blood, it shows a count down from 10 then it tells me my blood sugar level. Normal Blood sugar will be around 5 - 7 mmol/L mine are around 12 at the moment and have been as high as 19!!! This isn't good really and I am trying to bring them down with diet. Now bringing my blood sugar down with diet is flaming hard!!! Carbs get turned into sugar, so I am trying a few less carbs, but that is hard as I get hungry. Fruit is wonderful but full of natural sugar!!!! so just a meat only diet it is then.

I made a paella for Mrs EB and myself last night, I had a portion, no bread and some fat free yogurt with a banana for pudding and my blood sugar was very high at 19 mmol/L .....I know yogurt isn’t ideal, but I still crave sweet things so much.

Breakfast is a tough meal; I am not up to cooking anything first thing as I usually feel my worst when I wake up. I like cereal but only sweet cereal, I can’t be doing with cornflakes without a sprinkle of sugar on top, so I am having toast (which is bread and bread is carbs...which get turned into sugar!!) as I have to eat breakfast now. I spent ages in the cereal aisle of Tesco the other day looking for something I could eat. Somerset Bob a fellow blood tester eats porridge, I do like the oats but again with sugar or honey...I tried “Fruit” the other day and my blood sugar went through the roof!!!! stupid me fruit is just full of sugar.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Amazing Doctors.

I received a phone call yesterday evening. Dr X!!!

How are you feeling?
OK I guess, I am avoiding all sugar and I am taking things easy and I am walking to places.
Good, Good. How are your bloods?
Not good actually very bad up at 14 (they should be between 6 and 7)
That’s OK, keep a full record don't panic! I have spoken to the consultant about you today, he is going to see you a week on Friday, he will write or call, but if he forgets here is his mobile phone number if you haven't heard by Wednesday call him. (now that is amazing service)

To say I have been amazed by Dr X over the past week or so is an understatement. I understand Diabetes is a serious condition, and it will affect my life from now on. But Dr X has been amazing.

I am slowly coming to terms with taking my blood all the time, though my fingers are getting sore, I am a bit confused about what I can and can't eat, as carbs get turned into sugar in the body, my blood sugar is so high it is scary, I tried a beer last night (alcohol reduces the blood sugar) but it hasn't helped they are at 15 this morning, so I'll be giving it a miss for the time being...maybe I'll have one Sunday evening after Church.
I am off to Tesco to find a drink I can have that isn’t boring or taste of NutraSweet!!!! I also need loads of fruit to munch on and something for lunch and tea.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It maybe an answer, but it stuffs up a few things...

I tried make an appointment with Dr X on Friday but he was fully booked. So I reasoned that Monday would be OK. My blood test results could wait and they should all be back by then. Anyway I wasn't feeling great, so I just got on with a few things, then a job came in....just after lunch time the phone went...
EB? ..
this is Dr X are you OK to talk?
Yes, I said tentively....I tried to book an appointment with you this morning, but I wasn't able too as you had no appointments.
No? Oh, did they tell you your blood test results?
No I replied.
OK, I have to tell you, you have Diabetes, and I need to see you.....
I know he said more than this...but all I remember is Diabetes and after some fudging I am seeing Dr X on Tuesday morning. Well to say this news is a bit of a bolt is an understatement.
We had a very busy weekend we had two celebrations one in Sutton and one in Cumbria...I have instructions from Dr X to take things easy and avoid certain things which I will do. I am feeling quite naff at the moment and maybe getting my blood glucose levels right may help? I really hope so...
After visiting Dr X and the Practice Sister (who is wonderful) I sort of know how to handle my Diabetes. I have also found out I have a few complications!!!! yes me; who would have thought it?
It would seem that all my naff illness over the past few years could have been this all along!!!! The headaches, the sickness..the whole lot...So, my liver has damage and because of that I can't go on medication straight away..Dr X wants me to go to see a consultant at the local hospital. So I have to monitor my food and do blood tests a few times a day and avoid chocolate!!!!! (that one hurts I can tell you)
I do find it ironic that the amount of blood tests I have had over the past few years that diabetes hasn't been looked for? I have to be honest and say I am not angry or annoyed more relieved that this may be an end to feeling so awful for such a long time.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a fluffy day

I have been on medication for a few years now; so I have to give blood for tests to make sure that everything is OK. On Tuesday I gave some blood for a check and went to the chemist to collect some new meds. I started these Tuesday evening all was OK. I get a call Wednesday morning from the Doc's surgery to say I need to have another blood test fasting!!!! as something had shown up???? I said I thought I had fasted? She said one second she would put the Dr on to the phone….
Hello English Blogger…
Hello Dr XXXXX....
EB your blood glucose was very high…did you eat or drink anything after 9pm?
Ermmm I think I had some pop …
oh right that could it…could you come in 9am tomorrow morning after fasting from 9pm only water is allowed.
OK I said and put the phone down …
Then I remembered that Mrs EB and I had eaten a bag or marshmallows Monday night!!!!! No wonder my blood sugar was sky high!!!!! what a plonker EB as Delboy would say.So I am now waiting for the results of that test...back to normal I would have thought!!!!
I am now on on some new medication that at the moment are making me feel very woozy and out of my head. Last night I took them and was out of it until about 11am today!!! I went to the Drs for my bloods at 8:30 am and came home again and I don’t remember going or coming home? scary huh?

Monday, June 18, 2007

The BBC independant?

I was reading the BBC News online today and saw this link The BBC must become impartial I nearly wet myself laughing.

I love the BBC they make some of the best TV in the world, but as an impartial broadcaster.... don't make me laugh, They only broadcast news and programming that will not rock the political boat. They are in Parliaments and the Civil Services's pocket, that will never change until the TV licence is abolished and the BBC become's a self financing company. The BBC is paid via them and the PM's office appoints the boss of the BBC. Does that sound like an impartial company? The BBC World service is paid for via a bursary from the Foreign and Commonwealth office...ermmm, so via the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who gives them the money so that will be the Government again then.

Are the BBC reporting the Gulf in truth? What do the people of Iraq honestly think of us being there? What do the soldiers honestly think? if you read some blogs it's totally different to what the BBC seem to report. Happy kids waving at tanks as they drive past, it is just a few insurgents causing all the troubles? Well if that was the case shouldn't the might of the British, US and European Armies have a few insurgents sorted PDQ?
The BBC is an amazing company that I have been privileged to work for, I am proud to say that I am an EX-BBC employee, but please let’s be honest. They are in Parliaments and the Civil Servants pockets and will remain so to put out propaganda until The BBC becomes an impendent broadcaster and is not scared of losing its money or having its head removed.


I have been blogging off and on for a few years now. my friend Matt got me into the idea of the blog. I find a great way of saying whats on my mind, and I know Matt used it as a way of expression and release as well.
I have been round my friends blogs and see a lot have now stopped blogging as they are now on facebook. I will be updating my Blogroll later in week and I will take off those that are not updating anymore I haven't done this yet as I was waiting to see anyone would stay with the old blog.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I have over 4200 songs in my ITunes and on my IPod which equates to 12.2 days of solid listening should I so wish... so I have taken to listening to my music at random or ITunes or IPod Roulette as it is called. I just select Party Shuffle on ITunes or "Random Play" on my IPod and let it choose 100 songs and off it plays.

Now I don’t actually know all 4200+ songs as Mrs EB uses the same ITunes to load her IPod as well. I had already loaded most of my music when Mrs EB got her IPod, I thought it daft for her to have to upload all her music on to her PC laptop when I had already uploaded so much music to my Studio Mac. Once an IPod is synced with either a PC or Mac you cannot change its format.

So the long and short of it is the ITunes on my Mac is a collaboration of both mine and Mrs EB’s taste in music. We both like a lot of the same sort of thing, from Genesis to U2, but there is the odd thing that Mrs EB cannot stand in my tastes like Meat Loaf and I am guess a few others as I find Maroon 5 very hard to listen too (to me every track sounds the same)....this is what makes ITunes or IPod Roulette such fun!!

I have really enjoyed listening to all this music over the last few weeks; I have heard some tracks for the first time that has actually been a true pleasure to hear, 1 or 2 have been hard work, but I have endured. On my Blog I have now installed from Last FM "what I am listening too," I think this will display something like the last 5 tracks played on the Mac, so as long as I am not recording a VO or mixing adverts I am playing music....I just wish I had thought about doing this last year when I got my IPod.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sex God - An amazing book

I have just finished reading Sex God by Rob Bell, this took a little time as I would read a bit then mull over what he was saying. Rob Bell is an amazing teacher and this book is just an eye opener. I don't want to say to much as it is a book that explains so much about Man, God and the sexuality of the world, that I would rather people read it for themselves.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is a follower of Christ. .

Another week has gone by

I have had a little spurt of work as the London company I do some work for are away from today until Monday, so they had to clear the decks. That has been really nice as I have had a few things to do. One ad was a remake of an advert that they had made last year but had lost the original parts, for a shopping channel on TV, so I had to emulate what they had already mad, I think I did OK.

I am still not feeling great, but I am feeling a little better, so that's a good thing. I just wish I could wake up and not have a day.

Tonight is a Church Meeting so my evening is taken up with that.
Not much has happened in the last week really a little work, shopping and cooking. Mrs EB got a couple of films out on Saturday evening.....well one was called "Them" (we do enjoy a good scary film) and we put it on...the opening scene is in a car a Mother and is raining... they start to's in Hungarian...with subtitles....they crash...a few things happen...scene ends ...we cut to a school....and it's a French class all in French....with subtitles...Mrs EB says ermmmm I think this film is all in it said subtitles on the box!!!!!

It was a good film and actually a little short with a very abrupt ending. The other film she got was excellent "The Prestige" a sort of who or how done it!!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Over the Rainbow

(If you click the picture of the CD above it will take to an online links to buy the CD)

I watched Challenge Anneka last night. Her challenge was produce a 12 track CD full of stars in 5 days and have a gala release!!! This CD had to include the song Somewhere over the Rainbow and a choir with Boys and Girls from Hospices. All the proceeds are to go to the Childrens Hospice's in the UK. They chose a theme of "Song's from the Shows" (wonder where I have heard that theme before?) The CD was released yesterday it is excellent, it can be found at your local supermarket, or Woolies or ITunes!!!!
It was an excellent programme, I cried like a little girl when one of the Children passed away a day before gala. Actually I cried most of the way through the programme....but as Mission Team Leader says I am a big poof anyway.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Princes' and Channel 4

I have worked in the world of the media for a few years now doing various jobs. On the whole I have really enjoyed working in the media, it has its ups and downs, but I am usually very proud of the media in the UK, but not today.
I am not a royalist in any way or form, as most of my friends know I really do think they are a complete waste of time and money. I will also defend everyone’s right to free speech and that right is paramount for free speach in News and Journalism in this amazing country of ours.

I have to say what Channel 4 are about to do today is totally wrong. Channel 4 are to show a documentary about the fatal car crash in which Diana Princess of Wales died, including pictures from the Paparazzi which were taken at the scene. The Princes William & Harry have asked for some respect and have asked for certain pictures of the car crash in which their mother is involved not be shown. Channel 4 have refused. I cannot believe Channel 4 can be so callous or so wrong on this; it is not News it is just digging up old ground and will not add anything apart from some distressing pictures. All that will do is upset two young men who have been through more than enough. William and Harry have every right to ask for this, as it is an invasion into Diana's and their privacy, and, as they have said, it will cause them great distress. Channel 4 have a code of taste and decency and above all a moral choice to William and Harry and their late mother also to the British public not to show these pictures.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesdays Child

This morning I couldn't think of what my stutus should be on Facebook...I know another facebook blog, sorry.

So I said....Dave is.....being Tuesdays Child whatever that is?

So I looked up the poem:-

Mondays child is fair of face,
Tuesdays child is full of grace,
Wednesdays child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturdays child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

I have to say to pick any day I would pick Tuesday, so that is my Prayer today.
I was actually born on a Wednesday !!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday June 4th

I went to Church for about an hour or so last night, but I couldn't stay any longer as I felt to rotten. I really enjoyed listening to what Timelord had to say, but I knew my head would not take a loud music night and the worship last night would be loud. So after communion I went home.

I am having a day to sort out a few more things, I need to go to Tesco and do a big shop, I also need to pop to my parents and see if I can fine tune their new TV. I also need to send a few invoices.

On Facebook, It is very addictive!!!!! you can add favourite quotes and I have added this one at the moment. It just makes me laugh, but it is also quite profound really.

Captain Jack Sparrow: "Me I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly it's the honest ones you have to watch out for, you never can predict if they're going to do something incredibly stupid."

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday 3rd June

This is the first in what must be over a year that I am in Sutton and have not gone to Church for the morning service!!! I will go this evening, esp. as Timelord is preaching. I always enjoy it when Timelord talks in church.
There are three reasons I am not going, the 1st is I am feeling pretty naff and the 2nd is it's a parade service and the 3rd is it is Sutton Fun Run day and the service is 3o mins early add all three together and I stayed in bed.

I am very tired and I have this blinking headache, I did the sound at a beautiful wedding yesterday, then we popped up to my Mom and Dads they were expecting us, but had gone out without their mobile phone, so we came home. I then did some gardening which wiped me out. So now I am just drinking tea and taking it easy.

Friday, June 01, 2007

June is here

June the 1st today and I am having a sorting day, Mrs EB is in London doing very important things for her Professional Body. I am feeling pretty crap so I thought I would try and sort out a few things.

1) I have an old laptop that is virtually no more, so I have been getting the odd thing off it that I would kick myself for if I didn't ever boot up again.

Well I have found some old digital photo's and a few old MSN convocations that Matt and I had...I read a few bits and bobs and what I did read made me laugh. I also found a few photo's that Matt sent to me that I will pass on to Mrs FLN if she would like them.

2) I have also been looking for photos of Mission Team Leader that I know I have somewhere but I just can't quite put my fingers on just yet....time is on my side I think, they will turn up.

3) I have ripped all of my 200+ Sound Effect CD's in Itunes (this gives all track infomation and disc details) and made 4 DVD ROMs I have also backed them up to my Firewire HD, this is a £4000+ collection and I would be mortified and totally at a loss if it failed as I couldn't work without it. So making DVD ROMs and HD backups seemed a sensible thing to do.

4) I need to do my invoicing for last month’s work.... I have done the one, I need to work out another one...but now my head is making me dizzy I think I'll do later.....
5) I am smiling today as it is 1 month today that Pubs and Resturants become SMOKE FREE huzzahhhhhh


I haven't blogged for a few days...I have been quite busy with some work and I have not being feeling very well. I have not been really well since Las Vegas when a migraine started. I have had several since and a constant headache. I have been to see the Doc and he just said I had to just sort of get used to it, I have had a bad head for a very long time now.....since getting Glandular Fever over 5 years ago. To say I am cheesed off feeling rough is an under statement....

Well what has been happening....I have been at Cube a few times and I have also being producing stuff here for a community station and for Kenya. I have popped up to the 24/5 prayer at the Way Inn. I love what they have done up there. You can really feel the power of prayer working up there.

I have been updating my Facebook account, this seems to have really taken off and Facebook seems to be where every one is; which is amazing. It took me a few days to work out what it is about. It seems to be a online contacts/messaging service not quite Friends Reunited (I have deleted my account on there) and quite a bit less cluttered than Myspace.