Thursday, October 30, 2008

Very very sad news it's all change in the TARDIS

David Tennant Announces He's Leaving Doctor Who

Yesterday at 22:32
David has announced that he is leaving Doctor Who during his acceptance speech at tonight's National Television Awards.
Speaking live from the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford Upon Avon David explained that he will be returning to Cardiff in January 2009 to film the 2009 Doctor Who specials, but when the show returns for a new series in 2010 it will be without him as the Doctor.

David said: "I’ve had the most brilliant, bewildering and life-changing time working on Doctor Who. I have loved every day of it.
It would be easy to cling on to the Tardis console but I fear that if I don’t take a deep breath and make the decision to move on now, I never will.
You would be prising the Tardis key out of my cold dead hand. This show has been so special to me, I don’t want to outstay my welcome."
He added: "This is all a long way off, of course. I’m not quitting, I’m back in January to film four special episodes which will take Doctor Who all the way through 2009. I’m still the Doctor all next year but when the time finally comes I’ll be honoured to hand on the best job in the world to the next lucky git, whoever that may be. I feel very privileged to have been part of this incredible phenomenon. I’m looking forward to new challenges but I’ll always be proud to be the 10th Doctor."

The following interview with BBC News is about David's decision to leave the show:

Why have you decided to say goodbye to Doctor Who?
When I first started back in 2005, I always thought that if it worked out, three years would be about the right time.Three years, three series. Which I did and I loved and I had a great time. And with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner [executive producers] leaving, that became a very natural stepping off point for me.

What became very difficult was when it was announced that Steven Moffatt was taking over because I'm such a fan of his, he's such a great writer, he's written such amazing stories for me in Doctor Who already.

The prospect of hanging around for a while and enjoying working with him was sorely tempting and very nearly changed my mind.But I think it's better to go when there's a chance that people might miss you, rather than to hang around and outstay your welcome.

What's your message to the fans?

When I was a kid, I loved Doctor Who, I grew up with it. For me, it was the most exciting time when the Doctor changed.You know he's on his way out, you know something terrible's going to happen, it's very exciting - and then you've got this whole new character to look forward and wonder about.It's very exciting and it's part of what makes Doctor Who so great. I'm excited as a viewer to see what happens next.

Russell T Davies must have given you some hints about what your exit will be like?

No! He hasn't. I do not know what he's thinking about. But Russell being Russell, I'm sure it'll be a send off to be proud of.

What are your memories of the last three-and-a-bit years?

It's been the most extraordinary time, it's been bewildering, life changing, very exciting. And just so much fun, such a great show to work on. And again I think that's one of the reasons I think it's right to take a deep breath and bow out when it's still fun, when it's a novelty.I don't ever want it to feel like a job, so I want to move on when it still feels exciting and fresh and that means I'll miss it.

What do you think you'll miss the most?

I think I'll miss all the people who work on the show. I'll miss Russell's fantastic scripts and of all the other writers who work on it.And I'll miss playing this character. I don't think there's a better character on television. He gets to be everything - he gets to be funny and intense, he's a hero but he's also a bit of a clown, he's an anarchist but he's strong and dependable and crazy. Like mercury one minute and like steel the next.And to get the chance to play all those things for 45 minutes on a Saturday night - I'll miss that I'm sure.

As an actor, do you think you'll always be known as Doctor Who?

I think it's one of those parts that does that does follow you around, yeah. I know a couple of the old Doctors and it's clearly still a part of their life. I think the public has such an enthusiasm for it and such an intrigue for the show, that once you've been part of it it does tend to stick to you like glue. But that's fine - it's something I'm very proud to be forever associated with.

Do you think you'll ever do anything as special as Doctor Who again?

It's difficult to know.… I think the cross-generational, cross-cultural appeal of Doctor Who is pretty unique. I can't think of anything else that has fans who are seven and 70 in almost equal measure. It's difficult to think of what else one might do that could rival that. I hope I'll do things that will be as exciting and as thrilling artistically and professionally, obviously, but I think Doctor Who is pretty unique.

How has Doctor Who changed your life - it must have had great positives and great negatives?

Obviously the great positive is I get to be involved in this show I'm desperately proud of, and I get to work on these great scripts and I get to play this incredible character.I suppose it has a level of public scrutiny and attention which is very flattering and kind of thrilling to be in the middle of, but also bewildering, and sometimes it does make make you famous in a way that was never a particular intention of mine. It's churlish to complain about, but it does bring certain tensions to your life which you might not always choose to have. But I knew what I was getting into, that's part of the job, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

The huge question is - who would you like to replace you?

Well I've always been a big supporter of Wee Jimmy Krankie. So the campaign starts here to get Wee Jimmy Krankie in the Tardis and big Ian Krankie as the companion. I think that works.

Whoever your successor turns out to be, what would your advice be to them?

I wouldn't be as pompous as to offer them advice - I'm sure they'll sort it out for themselves. Just have fun. It's the best part around. Enjoy it.

What will it be like for the fans - you're their Doctor and it will be a huge change for them when you go?

I guess if you were eight when I took over, you'll be 12 when I leave, which is quite a big time of life isn't it? But I think that's one of the exciting parts of being a fan of the show - you know that the doctor can change, the character and the centre of the drama can be a completely different person, and act very different. It's not like James Bond, where you know he's a certain type of man, like Tarzan is a certain type of character, or Sherlock Holmes. The Doctor can change quite radically, but there's still an essential Doctor-ness and I'm sure whoever takes over will find their own way of communicating that. And when I was a kid, Tom Baker turned into Peter Davison, and it was thrilling and extraordinary and a little bit disorientating at first, but in a really exciting way, so I'm excited for everyone else getting to watch that happen. I think it'll be great.

You're not leaving immediately - you've got another year for the specials. Can you tell us about that?

We've already shot the Christmas special for this year called The Next Doctor, which in the circumstances is perhaps a more intriguing title than it was before. We see the 10th Doctor meeting another Doctor. And then in January we'll film four more specials, which will be screened throughout next year, and they'll be the four last stories that I do. I don't quite know when they'll go out, but they'll go out sometime throughout 2009.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am in Bournemouth as I write this Blog, I am the IT/Tech guy for Dave Pope's Flame "Time Out" it is snowing in the Midlands but here it is a wonderfully sunny day. I have been very bustdoing IT/Tech things but this afternoon is our time off. Mrs EB is at home and is very poorly with a gastric bug and I am here and because of that I feel a bit guilty. I do wish I was at home to make her feel better.So I am here in Bournemouth with a group of the 1/3 generation and it is wonderful, Ian Coffey is the preacher and is just fantastic...the people are great so all is good.

Well all would be good but God does put things on our Hearts as a burden and I have had a family put on my heart at the moment and as I read her blog I cry, all I will say if you know my friends from Church who also have a narrow boat and have two children ask her to be allowed to read her Blog, there is a link on my blogroll but you do need and invite to read it. It makes very sad and harrowing reading, but I do know she will appreciate your support and prayers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a grumle and moan

My life at the moment is pretty good, though I am a bit bored, as I have no work, and that bothers me. I do the odd thing now and then, fix a PC (two this week), I help out at Church (edited a load of video's for team leader for Holiday Club) do the shopping that sort of thing, but I really do need a job. I have a few days work next week where I have been invited to attend a conference in Bournemouth and look after the technical side of things...PA and PC's which will be great and may lead on to more work.

I have tried to post all week, but with events in the News I have found it hard, another family have died at the hands of a foreign lorry driver!!! and that hurts. We really do need to sort out this stupid law, it also need enforcing!!! We have knife laws in this country and young Lads are still dying it seems daily, we have firework laws yet they are let off after one seems to respect the law, so having tougher Laws on continental lorry drivers taking proper one will keep no one cares...well I bloody well care, and I care a lot. I have seen firsthand what a tired driver can do thank you, and it is devastating to say the least. WE NEED A NEW LAW THAT STATES WHEN A LORRY DRIVER ENTERS THE UK HE NEEDS TO SHOW HIS TACHO IF HE HASN'T GOT AT LEAST 6 HOURS DRIVING TIME HE MUST BE FORCED TO REST UP, NO IF'S NO BUT'S. When a lorry driver falls asleep at the wheel of a 18 wheeler it doesn't just roll to a stop it carries on and even when it hits something it doesn't stop, it kills innocent people, people going about daily life.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Music for a Mission UPDATE

I haven't blogged much as I haven't had much to Blog about. Things are little slow I am still looking for a job, I spent a day with Mrs EB's brother and we remixed his live album that was recorded about 14 months ago. It had been mixed and sounded OK, but it needed a few tweeks for myself to be really happy, and Mrs EB's brother felt the same. Its a Blues album and sounds wonderful and has some great guitar and harmonica playing on it.

Well that leads me on to "Music for a Mission".... what can I say?, I thought I would be really struggling to raise the money needed for the Mozambique Mission, but after this weekends sales I have raised the money!!!!! Praise the Lord. I will still be selling the album after the services at Church and the funds will be going to the Mission trip fund to help others raising funds. I am so amazed by the sales and the generous people who have paid quite often over the odds for the album.

The feed back from the album has been really encourging as well, people who bought the CD have quite often come back to me and said some really great things, one lady at Church last night said "I will have one of those I heard it at a friends in the is wonderful"

And that is about for now.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weddings, Jelly Babies and Friends

I am so bad at Blogging at the moment, sorry.

I really need to blog about Saturday... what a day. My great friend Curley Al married his beautiful girlfriend Jen. It was an amazing service Team Leader did a service to be proud of. It started off with Mrs EB singing a Nina Simone song for Jen to come down the aisle too and things just carried at such a high standard all the way through. After the service we went across to the hall for muffins and cakes but alas after tidying up the cables and mics and burning a CD of the services they had all gone.... We then went onto Penns Hall and had a wonderful meal and a bowl of much sort after Jelly Babies....I really think Gordon Brown should get Alistair Darling to put a few billion of the UK's funds into Jelly Babies everyone was after our Jelly Babies.

I had a wonderful day chatting to Al's relatives most of which I hadn’t seen since much sadder times. This was a real day of healing you could feel that especially when Dom made his best man's speech and I did shed tear, but that's OK, I know that if Matt and Chris had been there they would have been so proud of Al and Jen and both would have stole my Jelly Babies!!!!!

Part 2

On a completely different track, Music for a Mission is well on its way to raising the funds I need to visit Mozambique I am so blown away by peoples generosity, I will never name names, but some people have been so generous with what they have given for a copy of the CD it has made me cry. I will keep selling the CD until I run out and if there is still a market I will buy another MCPS licence to produce more, as all the money will go to the Church Mission Fund which is a great cause and Mission Team Leader has amazing Vision and a wonderful Passion for Christ and winning people over for Him.

The CD has had some amazing reactions from people, from “I loved it so much I gave it to a friend and now i need to buy another one!! To what a shame there is no Chris King on it? Which did make me laugh...and a little flabbergasted. I haven’t kept tabs on the actual number sold I know how many I have produced so far, but there are copies out in places not sold as yet, but I am guessing that 100 copies have now been sold or there abouts, which is fantastic. I think one of the nicest comments about the album was “It sounds amazing and is great to listen too, I want everyone to hear how great it sounds”

My friends, who are the talented ones behind my album, especially Amy, Skip and Mrs EB have to take the credit for the album really, I just had the idea and I stuck my ha’ppenys worth in and mixed the album. Amy is such an amazing talent, she plays the piano with such a talent it’s a real pleasure to listen to and she is just as good on Flute, recorder, whistle, Sax.....actually is there anything she can’t play? And she sings wonderfully as well, Skip a guitar player 2nd to none in my eyes and ears for that matter, we had a few great days together getting the lead and bass down and also he has one of the best male voices I know. Mrs EB, well possibly the best singer in the world in my eyes and she tries to keep me in check and she has an amazing ear, and she is a wonderful song writer. I could not have done this album or for that matter go on this journey without them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.