Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Doctor will be in the House at 7pm

Huzzzaahhh yes!!! The Timelord will be on our TV's again this evening at 7pm. I have been a fan of The Doctor since my early childhood.

Jon Pertwee as the Dandy Doctor (with assistant Jo Grant) was a favourite followed by
Tom Bakers Jelly Baby eating Doctor with Sarah Jane (ohh yes Timelord...Jelly Baby cakes? mmmm)
I was so thrilled when Russell T Davies brought back Doctor Who and Christopher Eccelstone was an excellent choice and I loved his manic eyes and eccentric way. David Tennant had me worried when it was announced he would be taking over the daft of me, he is tops. So please, no calls between 7 and 8pm Saturdays.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A light read

A lighter posting today...phewwwww.

I am a Harry Potter fan, my Mum bought me a boxed set of the first 4 books for Christmas a few years ago when I was quite ill in bed for a long time, I started to read them and was hooked. I have read them all, some more than once, the first 4 are the Children's editions the next ones I have bought the adult editions, no it is not just the cover!!! on July 21st is the last book in the series, already spoilers are being written? why? I don't want spoilers, I want to be taken away to witches wizards, good over evil and Hogwarts and Harry, Ron and Hermione. I have been asked why did I read these evil books (someone from my Church actually said that) I said because I enjoy them, I know that they are just fiction and I am well aware of what lies down that road. I was once involved in some very dark things before I was saved. That isn't for today as I want to keep things light.

The books so far have been very well written and a totally absorbing read that has kept me enthralled from book 1. I enjoy fiction books, I also enjoy horror books, I have the latest James Herbert book to read on Holiday plus I have ordered Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis on Amazon for £4, so I will have a "Good Christian Book" as well.
So what is your favourite book?
Who is your favourite Author?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


In August 2005 I blogged about how I really do not like spiders, FLN jeered at me and said that there is nothing to be scared of! They eat flies which was good enough for him. (that post still makes me laugh)
Rationally; no there isn’t anything to be scared of, I am much bigger and I can stand on them and squidge them, but I suffer from Arachnophobia, and I mean I really do have a fear of spiders, not just a quick scream, I lock up with fear, I cannot move I find it hard to breathe. As I am writing this blog I am shaking and have goose bumps and a sense that I have one on me. I have just spoken to Mrs FLN and she was being chased by a Bumble Bee out of her bathroom. Then I spoke to Mishkid Debs in Brazil and she was saying that the Bugs and stuff are really going for it there since the rains. Also there is always a big spider in loo.
When the mission was announced to Brazil for last year, I was interested and thought of going and El Pasto sent me a letter saying how concerned he was that I was even thinking of going to Trapia as he knew of my fear, I was very glad he wrote that letter and we had a great chat about my fear.
My fear of spiders goes back to when I was a young boy, I have an older brother who’s idea of fun when I was very young was to torture me in various ways, one of them was with spiders. Catching them and chasing me with them, putting them on me and that sort of thing. I doubt I will ever get over that fear. As I have got older it seems to get more and more irrational even seeing spiders on TV sends me into quivering idiot, ask Mrs EB about the time we watched the film Arachnophobia. So why have I used pictures of Tarantulas? Well I am hoping that if I keep looking at them that one day I will get used to seeing them.
When a friends kids were tiny we took them to Twycross Zoo, the one lad Sam wanted to see the tarantulas, we couldn't find them. So we went and asked, they said that part was closed for a refit, but if we popped over to this prefab hut we could ask to see one there. So off we went, and asked, this lady brought out Lucrecia a Mexican red kneed thing. Sam looked on, then the lady said would you like to stroke her? Sam was scared and wouldn't, so I said if I put my hand next to her you can rest your hand on mine then you can stroke her. He did that and enjoyed it. I really don’t know why I did it and I was shaking for hours afterwards. I guess I didn't want my fear to rub off on him.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up to 27 Million people are slaves today!!!

It is 200 years since Britain made a law to abolish slavery, there is a new movie about it “Amazing Grace” and the story of William Wilberforce. So why is that today more people are in forced slavery than there was 200 years ago? Young Girls and Boys forced in to Prostitution and other vile parts of the sex industry. Young Girls forced into domestic work for just bed and board, if that is what it’s called.

Listening to a programme on the world service, so it isn’t a fully unbiased piece of programming, but it was very good, young children in Africa, Asia and the Filipinas are often sold by parents as they cannot afford to feed, clothe and school all of their children. The sale usually goes along the lines of, a man or woman goes to a village saying they are representing a company of some sort that has been offered work in America or Europe and if they have a child they can get them work as a domestic in a big house with good pay, enough pay for the child to send plenty of money home. Now comes the really nasty bit, they have to borrow the money off these evil people to pay for the flight, they cannot afford this so they are now in debt to these people, the child has to work off the debt, but that will never happen, so they will end up giving another child to them, then another....

These Children are rarely seen again, once out of the village they are quickly sold on, sometime as many 10 times before ending in up a brothel in Europe or America. Only just before Christmas some Brothels in the Centre of Birmingham were raided and young Pilipino Girls were set free, set free to what? I don’t know.

I wish I had an answer to how to stop this evil trade in people. Each person made in the Likeness of God, each person so precious and beautiful that he gave his only son to die for them.

Here are a few statistics I found on Save the Children’s website.

On the 200th anniversary of the Slave Trade Act, a new report by Save the Children reveals millions of children are still living as child slaves.

The report exposes the eight most prevalent forms of child exploitation where children are found in slavery-like conditions, forced to work long hours for little or nothing in return and often subject to extreme harm, violence and rape.

Child trafficking
1.2 million children and babies are trafficked every year, including into Western Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean, and the number is increasing.

Gangs involved in child and people trafficking make an estimated profit of US$ 32 billion per year.

Child prostitution
At any one time across the world, around 1.8 million children are being abused through prostitution, child pornography and sex tourism.

In the UK there are 5,000 child prostitutes. 75% of them are girls.

Bonded child labour
Millions of children are forced to work away their childhood in horrific conditions to pay off debt, or simply the interest on it.

In India alone, estimates suggest up to 15 million children could be enslaved by somebody else's debt, many involved in illegal, hazardous and dangerous work.

Forced work in mines
One million children are risking their lives in mines and quarries in more than 50 African, Asian and South American countries.

In the Sahel region of Africa, 200,000 children are working in gold and mineral mines.

Forced agricultural labour
132 million children under 15 work in agriculture, many unable to escape and exposed to pesticides, heavy machinery and dangerous tools.

In Kazakhstan, children work in cotton and tobacco fields and factories for up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

Child soldiers*
300,000 children under 15 are involved with fighting forces, including government armies. Boys and girls in at least 13 countries are actively being recruited as child soldiers or as army 'wives'.

Around 11,000 children in Democratic Republic of Congo are currently being held by fighting groups.

Forced child marriage
Child marriage is one of the most widespread - yet hidden - forms of slavery. Girls as young as four are forced to live with their husbands, and are often kept trapped indoors.

Girls under 15 are five times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than women over 20. In Afghanistan more than half of all girls are married before they are 16.

Domestic slavery
Millions of children across the world, some as young as six, are forced to work up to 15 hour days as domestic workers. Many are beaten, starved and sexually abused.

There are 200,000 child domestic workers in Kenya, 550,000 in Brazil and 264,000 in Pakistan.

Jasmine Whitbread, CEO Save the Children:

"Child slavery is not a historical phenomenon - it is a stark reality for millions of children in both poor and rich countries. These children are treated like commodities; they can be lent or sold to other owners without warning, and live under crushing conditions of humiliation and abuse. Governments everywhere - including the UK - are not doing enough to respond to the plight of children trapped in this inhumane situation. World leaders and international donors must act as a matter of urgency to address child slavery and put in place the laws and resources needed to eradicate these terrible practices."

Save the Children is calling on all governments to:

address and ensure the eradication of child slavery through their own policies on global poverty reduction.
invest sufficient money and resources to protect children associated with slavery.
implement international standards on the worst forms of child labour where children in slavery are found.
put in place protection programmes, including recovery and rehabilitation, to offer emergency and long-term support to all children trapped in slavery-like conditions.
ensure education is offered in ways that support the removal of children involved in the worst forms of child labour; for example, that it is accessible, flexible and affordable.

Save the Children is calling on the public to:

lobby their MPs to make the elimination of child slavery a priority.
support fair trade initiatives that protect the rights of child laborers.
I know on Sunday that both services are about the 200th aniversary of Slavery. I am sure team Leader will gives us plenty to think about.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sound Balancing and Audio Mixing...whats the difference?

Crikey 3 posts in 1 day!!!!
I do two sorts of audio jobs!!! I am a sound recorder and audio mixer by profession and I also sound balance at live events like Church and for bands and conferences. what’s the difference between the two I hear you ask?

Here goes...Sound Balancing; is fly by the seat of your pants audio mixing, you get 1 shot at it, and then its a done job. It is very stressful at an event like Saturday Night. You try to blend all the sounds, say a Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonies, and Vocals, so it all sounds sweet. This is made slightly harder at Church at the moment as the desk keeps making an awful intermitant noise like it is farting electric. Its a low hum that isn't caused by an earth loop, it is more like something is shorting out. It's very annoying and I want to smack it hard. The pictures are of the desk at Church.
Sound Recording; is a little more critical in the fact that you need to get the right sound on "tape" (usually Hard Disk now), once you have that you can take as long as you like actually mixing it. Audio Mixing; is a subjective art as it is what sounds right to the person mixing at the time of mixing. Everyone will mix something in their own way and their own feel and leave their stamp on that piece of audio. I am in the last throws of mixing Mullins Burgers Album, I just need to record Mrs EB on a little bit of vocals on 1 track and it is all done. I asked my good friend Skip to help with the mixing of the tracks, I had them all up to a final mix and I was very happy with the sound, but as I had recorded them, edited them, then mixed them I thought another pair of ears would help.

So in a few weeks if a young drummer comes up to you and asks for a a few quid in exchange for a 6 track CD please do part with the money and enjoy the music, all the money raised will go to his college funds. Mrs EB, Amy and Amiability, Skipster Ian, Mullins Burger and his friend Matt are all on it....oh and I am not singing on it, so your ears will be safe ;-)

The Best Radio Station.............Ever!!!

When we first went to Florida, crikey, about 11 years ago. We had a hire car and driving around found a brilliant radio station called "Positive Hits Z88.3". Over the years going back we always listen when we are in the Orlando Area, the station seems to have sister stations around Florida so you get the same amazing music.

When we went broadband 7 or so years ago we found Z88.3 online at and now listen at home. It's a strange concept listening to Sunny Florida Radio in a not so sunny Brum in the UK, and the time checks and travel reports are a bit useless, but the Music...WOW THE MUSIC, The Newsboys, Mercy Me, Tim Huges, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Jars of Clay basically all the best in Christian music all day, what could be better?

I have now added a permanent link on the right hand side of my Blog, also on you can just click here if you want to hear it "Positive Hits Z88.3"

GMT BST Leave it alone!!!!

The last weekend was a very busy and exhausting weekend. The rehearsal Friday then the preshow rehearsal, then the show Saturday night, then being on sound on Sunday. I know Mrs EB was very tired and she was singing at both services as well; Only to find British Summer Time started this weekend and have the Government steal an hour from my sleep, I was not well pleased this Sunday morning , well all day actually. I do wish we could settle on one time and leave it at that, a unified UK time? I don’t care which way round it is or if have to put the clocks forward or back x or xx hours; let’s just do it once and then leave the clocks alone !!!!. Grrrrr *rant over*
I was amused at people arriving at 11:15am onwards for the morning service and again at 7:15 for the evening service!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a top evening

Songs from the shows!!! what a fantastic evening. All of the acts were amazing, though I have to say Aaron's Johnny Cash was tops, Megan and Shelagh's Cosette and Madam Thenardier from Les Miss's Castle in the Clouds and Amy's Winner Takes it all, were the best in show for me. Well that is apart from Ed's ventriloquist act with a stuffed yellow duck in a plastic box which reduced me to tears and a near asthma attack. Ask him next time you see him if he's in a gox?
All of the acts were excellent and the people I spoke to yesterday after the show were raving about how amazing and talented our church is, I had to agree. But the biggest praise has to go to Amy, she held the show together on Piano.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another coincidence

On a Saturday I like to doze with the TV on...and sort of listen. So I was flicking through the channels and on ITV3 was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So? I hear you say…well, Mrs EB is singing Hushaby Mountain, a song in the film, also it was just about to start when I turned the film on.

This is one of my favourite films; as I was dozing I would wake up and hear a song..that I couldn’t help but sing a long to....... Oh the Old Bamboo…Grow the roses…my fiiiiiiiiiiiine foooooouuuuuuuur fendeeeerrrrrred friend.... Your my little choochy face... and of course the best song after the theme song ........What do you see (truly scrumptious)

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Grease paint, The Lights, The fear...

Tonight is the rehearsal for tomorrow night’s “Songs from the Shows; Songs from the Musicals” 12 acts, a quiz, a compare ...none other than Baddog himself!!!! And a three course meal. All to be held in the church. I will be on sound again, where God has given me my talents.

These are the best tools ever for getting guests into Church in a safe environment, no preaching just a fun evening with good food and good entertainment. Miss Mission Team Leader had a true vision with these evenings, my parents have been to two so far and are coming to a third on Saturday and are bringing guests!!! It is amazing. Via this I have asked my Mum along to Friday Dinner, another safe event, a Baked Spud, a Cake Tea or Coffee for £2 again held in the Church, then once a Month a two course meal and a talk. I asked my Mum if she would like to come and hear Church Team leader talk about Evolution vs Creation? Yes she said and really listened to the talk.

These excellent events are very very hard work, I will be at Church today from mid afternoon until late, then tomorrow from about the same time. The reward? Seeing people have a great night and just maybe 1 seed is planted. It is coming up to Easter, and Mrs EB has been asked to lead the Worship on Easter Sunday evening I am going ask and see if Mr and Mrs EB snr will join me that evening, so please pray that will except the Invite.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh flippin heck this................ just not fair!!!!

I have a friend, Miss Mission Team Leader, who a few years ago explained to me about Fair-Trade. I had heard about Nestle and how they where not a good company to the Third World but I didn't really know what it was all about and what they actually did by giving expectant and New Mums some free baby milk powder; they start to feed their baby this milk powder, their breast milk stops...they can't afford to buy the milk powder so they make up the formula far to weak and the water used isn't sterile in some cases it is poluted, the baby either starves or dies from water born bugs or pollution. Nestle are also not known for fair-trading with their coffee beans either. So when MTL explained it to me in detail, with a heavy heart I stopped buying my favourite mint chocolate sweet After Eight Mints and all other Nestle products for myself.

I was in Tesco yesterday getting some shopping and took a trip up the sweetie isle and saw a nice large packet of Rowntree Fruit Pastilles...I looked on the back as I was sure they used to be called Rowntree Macintosh? But there in Big letters Rowntree Nestle!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO it means even more sweeties I can't have anymore...Thanks Mission Team Leader for the enlightenment.
Praise the Lord that Cadburys Dairy Milk is OK to eat unless someone ruins that for me as well.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A friendly visitor

I have 3 squirrels visit my garden most days, I happened to have my camera in the kitchen so took these today. I wanted to take a photo of one of the two Robins that visit but I haven't been lucky enough to catch one of those yet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mums and Mother's day

Due to *&@@@ Vista I have not been surfing and I missed some blogs over the weekend. As everyone knows it was Mothering Sunday..all going back to Mary being told she was expecting Gods Son...pretty big news in anyone’s book (Crikey it's like I am beginning to know my bible after 20 years as a Christian). Well my heart was with Teapot and Mrs FLN and all the family on Sunday.

One of my favourite Blogs is Tony Miles's he's Media Chaplain and I guess a Chaplain to me as I work in media, he is a solid guy and I really do get a little spiritual injection from his blog. Here is his Pray for Mothering Sunday:-

Caring God,
today we praise you for mothers past and present.
None would claim to be perfect,
but we give thanks
for their unconditional love and tender hearts;
for their concern for our welfare;
for their patience and devotion;
for their healing and strength,
for their energy and skills;
for their influence upon our lives;
for their hopes and dreams.
On this Mothering Sunday,
embrace them in your arms.
Renew, refresh and bless them.
For in all good mothers and fathers,
we catch a glimpse of your perfect love for us.

© Anthony D. Miles March 2004
Here are three pictures taken in the 1940's of my wonderful Mother, as TinkerBell in a Production Peter Pan

She is in the Middle in this picture in white, I cannot remember who is in this production.

As Little Red Riding Hood.

My Mum and Dad invited Mrs EB and I to sunday dinner that my Mum cooked, as always it was wonderful food and jolly tasty, she even cooked the beef extra rare just for Mrs EB and Myself. I love Mums.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ohh my language is choice at the moment

Blummin Windows Flamin Vista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I installed Vista Thursday, used it Friday and found out nearly all my programmes didn't work!!! Uninstalled and re-installed again Saturday, only some programmes would install on Vista and my Network no longer worked!!! Grrrrr so I tried to fix it on good.

So Today has been a total loss and has seen me reformat my HD again back to factory settings. Now I have spent most of today putting on all of the software I need to get by on a day to day basis. I am nearly back to where I was on Thursday (having a working PC with XP)...If only I could go back in time and not stick that duff and naff stuffin cruddy Windows Vista.
Oh yeah, I lost all my emails and loads of photo's and some other bits and bobs grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Windows Vista Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Between Christmas and January, I invested in a New PC for my Studio, it was advertised on TV at PC World and looked a good buy. Anyhooo I have had my new PC running for a few months and everthing was fine and dandy. Then Thursday my free upgraded copy of Windows Vista arrived. I install it and everything looks good!!! I'm impressed. I tested a few basic things, email works, IE works, Word works. Then yesterday I try to do a few things.. apart from office 2007, IE7, Messenger 8 and Skype nothing else worked!!! I spent ages getting new drivers etc, but still things wouldn't work. I backed up all my documents and reformatted!!!! D'ohhhhhh I forgot to back up all my emails!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh life stinks when you do things like that.

Saturday is now spent being a complete nerd and tying to fix what was a perfectly good working pc and get it working again.

Bill Gates, you are not liked very much in my studio at the moment.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Anger and thoughts

It has been over 6 months since I have been lead to blog something political, FLN and I would get very angry at times but the past few days have really got to me.
Morgan Tsvangirai was beaten close to death by the police for standing against Robert Mugabe, and what does St Tony do about it? Says we must stand against tyranny? Jeepers I bet that scared Mugabe, oh right there is no oil in Zimbabwi so he won’t send the troops there will he? Inflation at 1700% (I was always told nothing could be greater that 100% when I was at school) millions dying or have died from starvation... I know my mate FLN would be a little angry at this. Lets Pray that this is a watershed and the People of Zimbabwi rise against Mugabe and freedom will be restored to this land.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed The alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks has admitted his role in them, and 30 other plots in a hearing at Guantanamo Bay, the Pentagon says. "I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z," said Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a partial transcript from a closed-door hearing. WHAT!!!!! This guy was not allowed to have legal representation at this hearing? Now I don't care what he has admitted it is under duress. Every person deserves a fair trial, even the alleged person behind 9/11. He deserves full legal representation throughout, he also deserves to be treated with dignity. Oh yes, you are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law. This really shows what the American Government think of the rest of the world doesn't it, one rule rule for one and no rules for everyone else.

These have been a very tough 6 months, I miss my friends, and I have shed many tears. I don’t really know what to put, the pain is still there, there is still a very big hole where Matt and Chris should be. I can still hear each of their distinctive laughs, and I can hear Matt being so encouraging when I get some work. I hear Chris asking after my health and being so concerned that I don’t overdo things. Most of all I hear my friends asking How are you? and Matt asking shall we go for a business lunch this week with a big cheeky grin.

I spent time yesterday with a friend and councillor, I felt it was time to put things in my mind in some sort of order (6 months of emotions and thoughts can be unhelpful with me). I can honestly say, I had some issues that needed dealing with and having someone I respect so much talk through these things has helped me, it will take a few days for me to go through what was said and the advice given. I am so thankful to God for people who are wise and helpful.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spooky Luck!!!!!

On Mrs EB's Birthday, a few friends came round and we had a very large Chinese meal, in fact it was so large certain people had to drink a few glass's of wine to help it go down. With our meal came some fortune cookies; we opened one I can't remember the fortune but it was naff as usual. Well last Monday I opened another cookie and this was my fortune........
I thought this is just so naff, but NO!!!! Tuesday last week was a very good day, I had some work come in two jobs!!! and guess what, yesterday Tuesday I had two jobs come in!!!!! I know this is nothing but coincidence but it's very funny and spooky as well.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Synathesia (SynEthesia in modern parlance) is the confusion of senses. Such phenomena allows the subject to "see sounds", hear colors, etc.. Any of the senses can be mixed with any other sense as a means of perceiving in a different manner.

I am blessed with this "condition, phonomena?" I see music and sound...if I listen to music I see scenes and colours...I always thought this happened to everyone. It never occurred to me that wasn't what happened to everyone. If I listen to a Radio Play I see it, all the characters the streets the rooms. There is a saying in radio that goes “Radio makes better pictures than any film or TV programme, as it's the theatre of the mind” so I just assumed this was the same with music and for everyone.

I guess this why I love my job so much, I see the script and product I am making in pictures in my mind and that helps me to do the job. I believe this makes it much easier for me to be creative and explore and play with sound. It was only a couple of years ago (now Mrs EB, will tell you, my couple of years ago could be anything up to 20 years ago or more, my sense of time passed is a bit dodgy to say the least, sorry) I happened to listen to a programme on Radio 4 about Synathesia and realised that not every sees sound! The late John Peel also did some bits on it on his Home Truth's Show it was just fascinating to hear other peoples accounts of what they see, feel and experience when they listen to music and hear words and sounds. I couldn't really put into words what I see when I listen to music, sometimes it will be colours other times it will be scenes say a open country with animals and sort of depends on my state of mind and what the music represents to me at the time. I know that sometimes during open Worship it can be a mind blowing experience of colours and pictures of beauty that blesses me and makes my eyes leak.

Sunday and Happy Birthday Pixey on Monday

Happy Birthday Pixey wow we are both 31 ;-)

I had an enjoyable Sunday especially sharing a meal with Amy and hearing some amazing sermons from Donald, but the evening service was different for me! Why? I hear you ask. Well I have had a few complaints that people cannot hear certain things during the services, so I spent most of Mrs EB’s wonderful worship walking and listening at the back of church and tweaking the amps and things. I am going to pop in one day during the week and re-set the desk again!!!! I don’t know who has messed with everything but it does make me go Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Always read the label!

My Brother in Law sent me a couple of emails today, he sends me a few a week; all usually far to rude or naughty to post here. This one tickled me this afternoon so I thought I would share it with the wonderful people who bother to read my blog, this is especially for Roswell as I know she loves sausages.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday lazy day (Not this Saturday)

I am having a "doing" Saturday, I am doing things, I have cycled into Boldmere!!! no big feet on its own, but small steps. I then started to prepare Sunday Dinner!!! I know, but Mrs EB is leading Worship in the evening and after the morning service it is always a rush to make dinner, tidy up and get to Church for 5:30; especially if we want our afternoon nap! So we tend to have a snacky lunch if one of us is doing something on a Sunday. So I thought "lets have a nice roast dinner" and I would pretend I am a chef again........

So in Boldmere I window shopped and saw a nice joint of fresh Welsh Lamb (mmmmm a certain favourite of mine) a new green grocers shop had opened, so I popped in there and got a nice looking cauliflower and some rhubarb and apples

We are having Roast lamb (with a breadcrumb coating made with some stale bread, garlic and herbs, chilli, black pepper, salt... smells nice, but I have no idea what it tastes like), a Cauliflower Cheese (made and in the fridge.) Roast spuds and mashed spuds (just peeled) followed by Rhubarb and Apple crumble (again made and in the fridge) made with Pink Lady Apples and the first of this years rhubarb? where the heck that has been grown I have know idea.

I had a real hive of industry going on in my kitchen, apples and Rhubarb simmering, crumble being made, a rue being started my cauli being boiled, when the doorbell went, one of my neighbours...."is your drain blocked?" "pardon!!!" I say, he repeats, "is your drain blocked?" "I don't think so" I said, "why?" he replied "I have had a new drain in my back garden by the kitchen and it isn't clearing and neither was the neighbours on the other side." I said "Oh dear, I don't think ours is blocked but lets go check". I turn on the tap in the kitchen and we pop outside and check the drain and its overflowing, (I am thinking ahhh this could be a real big beggar and very expensive) I get my power washer and turn it on and squirt it at the drain head , a piece of paper floats away and the drain is clear and all the water drains away in less than a second, pheeeeeeewweeeee!!! I thought.

His drain man arrives within seconds from next door. I tell him it was sort of blocked, but it isn't now as I had cleared it with the jetwasher. "naaa its blocked," seeing all the water from the paper blocked drain and the jetwasher on the patio area "YOUR drains blocked!!!, there is no way you could clear it with a jetwasher" he said accusingly. So I get a hammer and remove part of the catpen!!! and check the drain head, its clear! I turn on the hose and its just flowing away. I said, "its not blocked?" He looked at me and says "No it isn't is it?" he said it as a question with a hopeful look in his eye, as if I was going to have the answer to his questions about my neighbours drain. he went off looking very sad and bemused.

Miss Amy and Amiability will be joining us for Sunday lunch..I have just thought I could be wiping out nearly all the talent from Sunday nights Worship group in one go!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

From one extreme to an other

Mrs EB got out a few photos the other day and I was reminded of a trip we had....
Whilst on one of our amazing holidays(vacations) to Florida, Mrs EB had bought me an experience!!! It was to swim with Dolphins well Dolphin to be precise. It took place at about 6am at Sea World in the Dolphinarium (Sea World have built a special park Discovery Cove that caters for this now) and it was before sun up. It was cold and damp, we went off to a changing room and put on wet suits and booties, then we had a lecture about Dolphins and Porpoise, Killer Whales are Porpoise and not Whales, look at their heads!!!! See I learnt something.
Anyhooo off we went to meet the head trainer and learn a bit more. We are asked to pat the water and along comes the most beautiful and amazing Dolphin, she turned on her back and we all stroked her, a strange soft leather feel. We did a few other things; feeding and playing then we had our photo's taken. Then you hold her underneath and on her dorsal fin and you are offffffffffff around the pool. I can honestly say I have never felt like I felt that morning, Mrs EB said she has never seen me smile for so long as I did that morning. There is something I cannot say what, but there is something that Dolphins do that makes you feel amazing and so ....special..I still can't put it into words, all I will say if you ever get the chance to be in the water with a Dolphin and can just be with a dolphin one on one please do it.
Another experience I had that trip was one of 100% shear fear !!!! We went to Universall Islands of Adventure...I do not do Roller Coasters, I love to watch them, I will stand in line with Mrs EB as she does them, Mrs EB thinks they are the best thing ever!!! Anyhooo I had heard of two rides before we went on this trip, One was Spiderman, and ..well just ask anyone who has been on Spiderman, it is the best ride in the World, its a cross between a 3D simulator and roller coaster and experience....its mind blowing...and the Other ride was Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg ride...with full working animatronics and a life sized T Rex. It is a water ride and you jolly along on a boat. Oh dear something has happened and the boat comes off its rails....and you go into a lab. The Dinosaurs have taken over. The next thing you know you are plummeting 80feet down a drop. I hate heights and this picture shows 100% shear terror. (click on the photo to see a larger version)
I was so scared at that point, I was screaming like a banshee. If you notice Mrs EB is laughing!! the people behind are wearing girlie water coats (its Florida its hot and you dry off in minutes) most others are laughing their heads off. Me I am petrified to point of total I can't breathe, but I actually did it again? But that is Florida for you.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

With friends like us....

Just what is that Mishkid slicing up? Is it her stash for Uni? or is she making it up for the whole of the UK market?
Just how sweet is she?

Friday, March 02, 2007

A small happy memory

I looked out of the window when I woke up this morning, it was a beautiful, bright, sunny, spring day. I was remined of the Church weekend a couple of years ago. On the Saturday afternoon our challet became a stopping off place, I think it was because we had plenty of cold beers.
Anyway, I thought of the laughs Matt, Chris and Myself had sat in the sun drinking and just chewing the fat. I do remember Matt asking Chris just how did he find his way to Wales without getting lost....He said he may have taken one or two wrong turns and burst out laughing... I can still hear that laugh ringing in my ears.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My new friend

I have a new friend, Darth Tator I saw him in HMV last Saturday and I just had to have him on my Man Bag, being a huge Starwars fan I just couldn't resist it.