Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Update

Wow 3 days without Facebook and I am still alive!!! I have been very busy designing a website for someone, so all of my time has been spent in Photoshop and Frontpage. If/When it gets approval I will post a link. After the Church meeting on Tuesday I spoke to Mission Team Leader and mentioned that I don't have a current Health and Hygiene Catering Certificate and would that be a problem as I am cooking a meal for Alpha in a few weeks???? We went and spoke to Church Administrator and he said aaaaah. So I need 4 hours uniterupted and click on the link he sent to me. I will try and do this, this afternoon after I finish vaccing and tidying before Mrs EB returns from London.
Monday is Mrs EB's 40th!!! so we have things happening this weekend and I am not sure of we will get time to go to The Robber Button... Shame :-(