Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nuclear defence or not?

Well the topic of whether or not to renew our nuclear defence? has reared it's ugly head again

Personally I think it is a total waste of money, why buy something you will and can never use?

So you have to have a gun because your neighbour has a gun? No that is just crazy isn’t it? What next, he buys a bomb you have to have one? That is the stupidest argument ever.

You can never use a nuclear weapon as it renders the used area totally stripped of any useful purpose for up to a 1000 years? the waste carries in the air until it settles and then renders that area useless as well. It kills for an unknown time, generations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still dying from illness from radiation sickness, 60+ years later, and children born near Kiev in Belarus are dying and are still being born mutated from fallout from the nuclear disaster 20+ years ago.

Do we need a nuclear defence that we can never ever use? 25 billion, I would rather we used that money, on helping the third world, the sick, the homeless or maybe even the health service.