Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday 19th July

It is a week today and Mrs English Blogger is off to Brazil…I am very happy for Mrs EB to go, but I am also sad to be apart from Mrs EB for 3 weeks, the longest we have been apart for our 17 year marriage is 6 days when I have been away at Spring Harvest or working in London. I am also a bit jealous as I would love to be going as well.

Well the last week has been a bit boring but OK, I did a job for London Creative, and it was our wedding anniversary last Saturday, we didn’t go to the pictures, but went to Solihull and then for a curry. My mum and Dad have come back from Spain and we met up with them for pudding at the Bassets Pole on Sunday. Mrs EB is in London tonight and tomorrow night, and I went on a Lads curry night last night. The Lads curry night was very enjoyable though my curry was a little to gingery for my tastes, it was sweet…but as an evening top banana.