Saturday, August 26, 2006

And Mrs English Blogger is back :-)

Well Mrs English Blogger has been back just over a week!!! And in 10 days we are off Malta with my good friend Ian and Mrs EB's work colleague Amanda and her partner and good friend David. Which means when we get out there, there will be 3 David’s again. It is quite good fun, SMrs EB’s Brother becomes Dave, Amanda’s David is David and I become Davie.

Three weeks without Mrs EB was possibly the hardest time I have had in the last couple of years, I really hated it, I can put up with the odd overnights that come with work, but 3 weeks is just too long. The reasons she went is brilliant and I totally respect the whole team, but being a selfish husband, I just don’t like being apart from my wife.

Well in the three weeks I ate out quite a bit, I did a bit of work, I had some good times and most of all I missed the company of my best friend.

So what’s happening at the moment: not a lot really, I am just sorting out some stuff on my Studio Mac, which means buying an external HD to back up a shed full of data, and I am slowly filling up my IPod. I said Goodbye to a friend
Helen, who has gone off to New Hampshire for Collage and I have been chatting to Matt a bit and found his wife Heidi’s blog. That’s it really.