Friday, January 09, 2009

Avenue Q and Dr Who

Avenue Q!!! what can I say. it is amazing, very funny, very rude in places, but it is an excellent show. Both Mrs EB and I laughed our socks off and really enjoyed the show. After the show we went to Soho for a Chinese, earlier in the day we had seen the ducks hanging in the windows and we both fancied some Crispy duck, the place we visited was wonderful the Duck was tasty, the Singapore noodles were hot and Mmmm and the seaweed just delicious.
London is one of those places, it is great to go and see and spend a day or so there but I would hate to live there. We spent the morning walking across Regents Park which was a great start to the day, after that we went to Harrods for lunch, they have a great seafood bar in the basement. I had the Deluxe Bullion and Mrs EB had fish and chips. We then spent time going around the food halls, both of us were tired and had very achy legs and headed back to the hotel for our luggaebag and headed for Euston.
We now know that the new Dr Who will be Matt Smith a relatively unknown actor, which will give him a big Mountain to climb, but the new head writer Stephen Moffet is a wonderful chap and he will not let Dr Who be a bad show. Anyhoo I spent a little time playing in my studio, I have the sound track from season 4. There was a piece of music that was written by Murray Gold called the Song of Freedom, it was use twice with a more pop feel the 2nd time in Saving the World, I have blogged about it before, anyhoo I have edited it all together to make a suite, added some video and stills...I hope you enjoy it.