Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I don't normally care what someone earns or what someone is worth, usually the two never meet anyway, but today I am so annoyed with football. How can anyone be worth £90 million? it is obscene, But not just that oh no, plus £500,000 a week!!! a half of a Million pounds a week , that is £26 million a year salary!!!!!!!! COME ON, NO ONE IS WORTH THAT. Britain and the World are in a recession, thousands of people are losing their jobs everyday, firms, shops, factories are closing.... and Manchester City offer to pay that stupid mount of money for someone who kicks a ball around a field...It is just total bollocks..sorry about the language, but I am totally incensed... It is just so wrong. Maybe I am seeing things slightly differently having gone to Mozambique and seeing people living on nothing, catching the food they eat or not eating... I cannot see how Kaka can be worth that stupid amount of money for kicking a bloody football, I know he is a Christian and a he must be an excellent footballer, but £90million and a £26million salary, no way.

Another gripe I have with football is, I hate the way people bully each other, so called fans shout abuse at other footballers, especially if a footballer or manager should ever move team and that team should play his old team!!! he will be abused like no tomorrow... It is evil, if someone you loved moved work place and received that sort of abuse whilst he was at work I am sure something would be done about it.

I am sure in Heaven today tears have been shed for man's greed and total stupidity.