Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tesco!!! and V.F.M

Yesterday I popped in to Tesco for provisions, nothing unusual or remarkable about that really I do it a few times a week. Yesterday was slightly different though, I had my clubcard vouchers...all £20 of them, so I went for a little walk first and had a look at the wine...they had a few very nice Spanish reds on off I go and exchange £20 of vouchers for £40 of wine vouchers...I bought 8 bottles of Spanish red reduced from £10 to £4.99. I also got a discount off that of a further £2 for buying over 6 bottles...if they reduced them anymore they would have had to pay me to take them away!!!!

So I was very pleased with Tesco yesterday, I really felt we had had Value For Money. When I told Mrs EB about how we got all of that good Red wine from our vouchers her answer was "Well I'm having a large Red wine tonight then!!!" She didn't, she had a Mojito hahahaha