Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas TV

My Favourite bit on TV over Christmas that made me laugh was this bit on Harry Hill's Christmas TV Burp, I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks whilst this little bit was on. I hope you enjoy it too.

It would seem I am part of a dying breed, a Blogger, those that have blogged over the past 15 or months from a circle of friends have dropped off as they have felt it has served them for their needs, others didn't like it. Me I toyed with giving up last January but a few friends asked if I would carry on and to be honest I enjoy blogging putting up my thoughts and musings. Its My Blog, what I say goes! If you don't like tough, if you enjoy it great, if you agree with my views that OK, if you don't agree...that's OK also. A friend has just stopped blogging and I will miss her blog, she was an honest blogger and shared her grief and upsets, she also shared her thoughts and musings about life. Each Blog is personal and as a reader you are privileged to be let into someone’s life unfortunately some people don't respect.