Saturday, January 19, 2008

Weekly Update

I have had an interesting week, Last Sunday evening was a great service and I got to see someone to tell them something they had preached on in church a few months before had been amazing. I have had a week to try and prepare my lessons....well that didn't work out, I spent half of one day finding chairs for my classroom, spent another day trying to get to grips with the PC's and software which I ended up more confused. I had a day for lesson planning so I have done my two induction course. I was told we are expecting an OFSTED at anytime!!!!! I am scared stiff of the prospect. I am not a teacher, I have never taught before and within weeks of starting I am going to be OFSTED'D (if that's the word or a word)

On Friday I had a chap come in and help me set up the Radio Studio...we spent all morning setting a Network for the all the PC's, easy peasy I hear you say...yeah I thought so, but NO, things just wouldn't talk and a Buffalo Drive...well that’s a DODO, and I had high hopes for that as a server for my SFX library.

So Monday see's me start my classes, this is exciting and scary, as I have said I am not a teacher and from Monday I will be expected to teach.....Well it will be in God's strength and not mine, and any Glory will be his. Please pray for me this week.