Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Good Bye 2007 Hello 2008

A very Happy New Years
Well 2007 is now a year in the history books, it was a year of good and bad things as all years , a few highlights are starting a job in December and of course getting The Robber Button and our visit to Las Vegas and Palm Springs. The lows…well there have been a few but the biggest low was my health and then being diagnosed with Diabetes.

So I have a New Years Resolution…..I am giving up Sweets, Chocolates and cakes!!!!! I will of course still have puddings when we go out and have a meal and I will eat the after dinner mint if it arrives on my plate, but I wont sit at home stuffing my face with all things sweet. I need to lose some weight (about 2 or so stone, 28 lb for my American readers) and this is part of the reason.