Monday, July 28, 2008

Penguin Cafe Orchestra

I was never what you would call a fan of the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, more someone who didn't mind the music. I have used Penguin Cafe music in adverts and heard it on TV and Radio, so after my searches on Saturday I thought I would spend some time listening to their music. I have a couple of tracks on my Ipod and did some more searches on You Tube, and actually found the more tracks I listened too the more I liked the music. I did a search for a website, and did some reading and then looked at the new stuff for years? well I bought an album called A History (only £10 on Itunes) ...then I did a little more hunting on the founder Simon Jeffes an amazingly talented man, and he had passed away in December 1997... no wonder no new music then. I can honestly say the past few days listening to his and their music has been a real treat.