Saturday, July 26, 2008

Whilst the Cats Away

Well whilst Mrs EB is away...I have been out with my Mum and Dad to The Lodge for a curry, very tasty it was as well.

As a reader of my Blog you will know music is in my blood and I am often taken by a piece of music and then I can spend ages tracing it and today was one of those days, armed with a £15 Itunes voucher I went a hunting.
1st one was by Karl Orff a piece for Xylophone that is used in the HSBC bank commercial, I have used a few times making Radio ads and traced it on Itunes a well spent .79p then was a the toughie. Just what is the music used on the MFI advert? I knew it, I have heard it time and again, in films and adverts, but not who did or a name. Good old google and Youtube.

It is an oldish tune called "Music for a Found Harmonium" by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the ones that did the amazing piece called "Telephone and Rubber Band" that was used in the old One2One telephone advert, I'll stick it up here as well so you know the one I mean.

I do love You Tube, so I went a hunting and found it was by an Irish Folk Band called Patrick Street...another 79p well spent well I bought 2 versions by Patrick Street a live and studio version and I think I may be buying an album called Irish Times as they really are amazing.

So that has been my Saturday, apart from seeing Mrs EB off to GB Camp and a bit of soldering and pre-mixing my album tracks so that the vocals can be done.... I am off to my Parents for a Sunday Roast tomorrow as banana