Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Some days I am left speechless, words completely fail me.

I had a days work at Cube (the production house that give me the cover work when their Producer is away) and had a wonderful day. Anyhoo I arrived home an envelope was waiting for me with an amount of cash in it for me to go towards Mozambique. I was moved to tears and left speechless; during the time since I decided to go on the mission, I have been so touch by people who have been so generous, with time, talent, Prayer and financially.

There is absolutely no way I could of ever have afforded to go on the Mission, I did feel I should go and after seeing Mission Team Leader and Prayer I filled out the forms. I went to the interview and felt it was right to go and through peoples generosity I am able to go. I cannot thank everyone who has helped with me to go enough. I give my thanks God for such wonderful, loving and caring friends.