Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Update

As people who know me, know I can take a joke a tad over the one friend has said on many occasions the line is but a dot to me. last week a so called DJ/Comedian Russell Brand and someone who I used to really like Jonathan Ross went over my dot and that is but an atom in the distance. I wont go into details as they have been dissected and pulled apart. I have the wonderful privilege to have worked in radio for many years and fI have worked for the BBC as well. All I will say is justice was seen to be nearly done, maybe Jonathan Ross will do the decent thing as well.

Today the world has changed again Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America. A Black American Christian, who has morals and a few bright ideas. He has to wait until January to takeover the reigns, but I am sure he will be working away until then. I pray he will change America and how they treat the world.

There is a funny side to all of the USA elections, G.W.Bush has no power at all now, the senate will not back anything he says, Barack has no power until January 21st I believe, when he is sworn in, so the USA impotent and paralyzed until Mr Obama takes over.