Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weddings, Jelly Babies and Friends

I am so bad at Blogging at the moment, sorry.

I really need to blog about Saturday... what a day. My great friend Curley Al married his beautiful girlfriend Jen. It was an amazing service Team Leader did a service to be proud of. It started off with Mrs EB singing a Nina Simone song for Jen to come down the aisle too and things just carried at such a high standard all the way through. After the service we went across to the hall for muffins and cakes but alas after tidying up the cables and mics and burning a CD of the services they had all gone.... We then went onto Penns Hall and had a wonderful meal and a bowl of much sort after Jelly Babies....I really think Gordon Brown should get Alistair Darling to put a few billion of the UK's funds into Jelly Babies everyone was after our Jelly Babies.

I had a wonderful day chatting to Al's relatives most of which I hadn’t seen since much sadder times. This was a real day of healing you could feel that especially when Dom made his best man's speech and I did shed tear, but that's OK, I know that if Matt and Chris had been there they would have been so proud of Al and Jen and both would have stole my Jelly Babies!!!!!

Part 2

On a completely different track, Music for a Mission is well on its way to raising the funds I need to visit Mozambique I am so blown away by peoples generosity, I will never name names, but some people have been so generous with what they have given for a copy of the CD it has made me cry. I will keep selling the CD until I run out and if there is still a market I will buy another MCPS licence to produce more, as all the money will go to the Church Mission Fund which is a great cause and Mission Team Leader has amazing Vision and a wonderful Passion for Christ and winning people over for Him.

The CD has had some amazing reactions from people, from “I loved it so much I gave it to a friend and now i need to buy another one!! To what a shame there is no Chris King on it? Which did make me laugh...and a little flabbergasted. I haven’t kept tabs on the actual number sold I know how many I have produced so far, but there are copies out in places not sold as yet, but I am guessing that 100 copies have now been sold or there abouts, which is fantastic. I think one of the nicest comments about the album was “It sounds amazing and is great to listen too, I want everyone to hear how great it sounds”

My friends, who are the talented ones behind my album, especially Amy, Skip and Mrs EB have to take the credit for the album really, I just had the idea and I stuck my ha’ppenys worth in and mixed the album. Amy is such an amazing talent, she plays the piano with such a talent it’s a real pleasure to listen to and she is just as good on Flute, recorder, whistle, Sax.....actually is there anything she can’t play? And she sings wonderfully as well, Skip a guitar player 2nd to none in my eyes and ears for that matter, we had a few great days together getting the lead and bass down and also he has one of the best male voices I know. Mrs EB, well possibly the best singer in the world in my eyes and she tries to keep me in check and she has an amazing ear, and she is a wonderful song writer. I could not have done this album or for that matter go on this journey without them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.