Monday, October 13, 2008

Music for a Mission UPDATE

I haven't blogged much as I haven't had much to Blog about. Things are little slow I am still looking for a job, I spent a day with Mrs EB's brother and we remixed his live album that was recorded about 14 months ago. It had been mixed and sounded OK, but it needed a few tweeks for myself to be really happy, and Mrs EB's brother felt the same. Its a Blues album and sounds wonderful and has some great guitar and harmonica playing on it.

Well that leads me on to "Music for a Mission".... what can I say?, I thought I would be really struggling to raise the money needed for the Mozambique Mission, but after this weekends sales I have raised the money!!!!! Praise the Lord. I will still be selling the album after the services at Church and the funds will be going to the Mission trip fund to help others raising funds. I am so amazed by the sales and the generous people who have paid quite often over the odds for the album.

The feed back from the album has been really encourging as well, people who bought the CD have quite often come back to me and said some really great things, one lady at Church last night said "I will have one of those I heard it at a friends in the is wonderful"

And that is about for now.