Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a grumle and moan

My life at the moment is pretty good, though I am a bit bored, as I have no work, and that bothers me. I do the odd thing now and then, fix a PC (two this week), I help out at Church (edited a load of video's for team leader for Holiday Club) do the shopping that sort of thing, but I really do need a job. I have a few days work next week where I have been invited to attend a conference in Bournemouth and look after the technical side of things...PA and PC's which will be great and may lead on to more work.

I have tried to post all week, but with events in the News I have found it hard, another family have died at the hands of a foreign lorry driver!!! and that hurts. We really do need to sort out this stupid law, it also need enforcing!!! We have knife laws in this country and young Lads are still dying it seems daily, we have firework laws yet they are let off after midnight...no one seems to respect the law, so having tougher Laws on continental lorry drivers taking proper breaks...no one will keep them...as no one cares...well I bloody well care, and I care a lot. I have seen firsthand what a tired driver can do thank you, and it is devastating to say the least. WE NEED A NEW LAW THAT STATES WHEN A LORRY DRIVER ENTERS THE UK HE NEEDS TO SHOW HIS TACHO IF HE HASN'T GOT AT LEAST 6 HOURS DRIVING TIME HE MUST BE FORCED TO REST UP, NO IF'S NO BUT'S. When a lorry driver falls asleep at the wheel of a 18 wheeler it doesn't just roll to a stop it carries on and even when it hits something it doesn't stop, it kills innocent people, people going about daily life.