Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am in Bournemouth as I write this Blog, I am the IT/Tech guy for Dave Pope's Flame "Time Out" it is snowing in the Midlands but here it is a wonderfully sunny day. I have been very bustdoing IT/Tech things but this afternoon is our time off. Mrs EB is at home and is very poorly with a gastric bug and I am here and because of that I feel a bit guilty. I do wish I was at home to make her feel better.So I am here in Bournemouth with a group of the 1/3 generation and it is wonderful, Ian Coffey is the preacher and is just fantastic...the people are great so all is good.

Well all would be good but God does put things on our Hearts as a burden and I have had a family put on my heart at the moment and as I read her blog I cry, all I will say if you know my friends from Church who also have a narrow boat and have two children ask her to be allowed to read her Blog, there is a link on my blogroll but you do need and invite to read it. It makes very sad and harrowing reading, but I do know she will appreciate your support and prayers.