Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

I am not a sports fan of any sort really, if people want to run around and kick a ball or stand in a field in front of some sticks with bat and hit a ball about, great, but I am not interested. My friend Matt was trying to convert me to the joys of the leather and willow and was going to take me to a 20 Twenty, but alas that did not happen. Anyhoo for those of you that have had their heads under a pile of rocks for the past few weeks the Olympics are happening, well they will be over in a few days. And Team GB, that's what Great Britain are now called after an expensive re-branding? Team GB are doing amazingly well, in fact they are 3rd in the league table!!! I don't think I have ever been as proud of or guys and girls, they are real hero's.

Mrs EB was unwell yesterday, she hasn't really been well since GB Camp!!! and was watching the Olympics from the Velodome and wow, those guys and girls can really ride a bike!!!!

Team GB have been playing a blinder this year and have surpassed all expectations and have done better than any other Great British Team since before 1908!!! It seems the National Lottery has actually paid off!!! buying a lottery ticket has actually helped these Olympians bring home Gold, Silver & Bronze BRING ON 2012 and my 6 lucky numbers.