Monday, August 04, 2008

A good weekend

I had a good weekend all the more so as Mrs EB had returned from her camping trip with GB. Mrs EB had a very husky voice due to her losing her voice on camp.... I am just really pleased she is home safe and sound. Saturday evening we went to Simla for a curry, it was a welcome home meal and I told the guys at Simla that I was checking up on the food for Tuesday when 16 of us go for my Birthday Balti...Mmmmmmmmmm tasty.

I was on sound again this weekend at Church and I also did the sound at a very quiet wedding on Friday, about 20 people and the Bride and Groom, they had been on Alpha and wanted to marry. It was a very special wedding.

Team Leader did his final sermon on Hebrews...and of course it was amazing, we really are a very blessed Church to have such an amazingly humble and fantastic teacher. Team leader told me a very funny joke on Sunday.

Patient: Doctor, I think I'm a moth!
Doctor: (looking at his notes) You are not my patient your Doctor is next door
Patient: I know but your light was on.

Made me chuckle.

After church the usual suspects went to the Jockey, well the usual minus a few on holiday and those heading to Cornwall. It was a nice crowd last night and we had a good chat and laugh. Later today I am off for another Jab to allow me to travells to Mozambique and later this week my good friend Skip will be coming round to hopefully do some more guitar and bass on the album. I really need to start the vocals and think about artwork and stuff. I am also going to pop up to the mission we are doing on Falcon Lodge and do some balloon stuff....

All in all good fun.