Friday, August 29, 2008

It has been one of those weeks.

My medications are making me very tired and I am "Out of Salts" as they used to say. So I have been sort of taking it easy, well nearly.

Monday was a great day Gaye, Andy, Zach and Mission Team Leader joined us on The Robber Button. Both Mrs EB really enjoyed the day. We got home Tuesday afternoon and did various bits and bobs.
Wednesday I had been summoned to the DHS to see why I hadn't found a job yet? I now needed to say what other work I could do? He was most unhelpful to be honest. I even asked if I found a training course would the DHS fund my training I was told NO! ho hum.
Thursday was a sad day, one of my Church's great ladies had passed away and I was doing the sound for her Thanks Giving Service, the service was wonderful and a great testimony to a wonderful lady, but as always tinged with much sadness.
Today I am hopefully recording my good friend Skip singing for my album he will also hopefully do a small amount of guitar and maybe some extra singing.....
Tomorrow, well that will be spent on The Robber Button