Monday, August 11, 2008

Being someone who has become Diabetic, I wont let it take over my life; but it is in the front of your mind. Last week a few people who came into the shop were offered Tea and coffee and cake said I can't have cake I'm diabetic? I said so am I and I can eat it? Oh I was told I can't eat cakes or sweets or this and that! So I said I was told I can eat anything, but as with with all things it's about moderation.

Now I know I am not a good diabetic, I do like sweets and puddings, I will try and be good, but I fail. I am going to start a new diet this week and I am going cut right back on all stodgy and fattening foods and yes that includes sweets.

Diabetes is a killer, no if's and no buts. I know that it kills most of those that have it, indirectly. Organ failure, strokes and Heart attacks. One of my uncles had a leg removed and died a few months later only a few years ago because of Diabetes. So I don't take my Diabetes lightly, but I also don't let it ruin my life.

This article off the Sky News Website is well worth a read