Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My friend Duncan

As long term readers of my blog will know I have a friend who was involved in a really nasty accident in 2006, my friend Duncan who is one of the most articulate and safety concious people I know, was filming a safety video for his company, he was filming how to use a safety flair when the flair miss-fired and went into his stomach.

I know how safety concious Duncan is, I was lucky enough to be invited for a day trip on Duncan's previous boat, and we went out for a wonderful trip. That trip was planned with maps and buoys and GPS tracking. We were told where the life vests were. Mrs EB and I had a wonderful day and we were both very upset by Duncan's accident. Many prayers were said, and thanks be to God, Duncan is mending well, OK he'll never be 100% better, but by crikey, I know Duncan and he won't stop trying to getting better.

Duncan who is a fighter; amazed nearly everyone who was involved in his emergency care, after two years of tireless fund raising he and a lot of very good people have raised £50,000!!! anyhooo please watch this video