Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catch up

Saturday was a top day, Amy popped to see us on The Robber Button and we had a little trip up to Hoo Mill Lock and then onto Tixell Wide. It was a lot colder and damper, amazing in just a week, Timelord visited us for a little bit of Mrs EB's cooking for tea, and he was a real gent and supplied the pudding.

Sunday we went to see my Ma-in-Law in Gloucester and took her out for lunch then a trip around the docks, a nice day, I did all the driving as Mrs EB was a little tired after her trip to Belfast in the week. I went to Church in the evening and was moved my Simon's testimony he was a troubled young man and his testimony was very similar to mine 20 years ago.

Monday I went for an interview, I won’t say too much here at the moment, only to say it was something that touched me greatly, I have a 2nd interview in November and if I get the job I will be changing direction slightly, this is a job that will be the most challenging thing I have ever done and there is no way I could do it without GOD. Please pray for me on November 5th that God guides me in what to say, and if it is his will I will get the job.