Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Part 2

It's Sunday afternoon, it's a lazy day in a sort of way, I only have sound to do at Church this evening really. I am sat here reading blogs and surfing the interwebby, Mrs EB is snoozing the cats are asleep, the heating is on as the dampness of Autumn is setting in, all in all everything is just wonderful in my life at the moment.

We Prayed this morning about being thankful for what we have, as I am sat here I am so grateful to God for all I have. My health is slowly returning, now I am managing my blood sugar and taking the pills, I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful home, an amazing narrow boat, some of the best friends a person could have, a Church that has teaching and worship 2nd to none.

Today is a day I am so blessed to see, twelve months ago, I honestly did not think I could or would feel like this. I do still feel the pain of the loss of my two friends, and I think about them a lot, but God is a wonderful healer, and he is healing the pain within me slowly and again I am thankful to my Lord and Saviour for this healing.

It is Harvest Sunday and we are doing it in a different way today at SCBC, we are giving gifts to a servant called Steven, he works with the homeless in Birmingham, he has a list of things he needs to do his servant job. These range from bars of soap. rucksacks and sleeping bags to safety razors and many things in-between. As we listened to Team Leader preach this morning about being forgetful I was thinking about Matt and Chris and the last times I spent with them. (I never want to forget these memories) I won’t write about those memories here today, maybe in another blog? It struck home how easy it is to forget to say thank you, I do forget to say those two words a lot. I guess by tomorrow I will forget again, but today I am thanking God for my life, my friends and all I have. Without God it is worthless just a futile race to gain a few things then pass on to nothing. With God I have everything, and an eternity to enjoy it...Thank you, Lord.