Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have been reading some of my friends blogs and they have made me quite sad, a blog is a wonderful way of expressing yourself without having to say things out loud, and they have done that.

I am about to visit Malta again and I am very apprehensive about this trip, 13 months ago on Malta I received “THAT” phone call and really my life has changed so much since then in many ways. I guess that is why in one way I don’t want to go, in every other aspect, well apart from the flight that is, I am looking forward to going back. I love the diving, the company, the booze, the food and of course just being away with Mrs EB, but I feel that sense of dread and fear about going. I am a nervous flyer, I really do not enjoy flying, but this time it feels different I feel I will receive some awful news again? Or is it that we are flying out of Manchester?

I really don’t know why I should feel like this, I guess I sort of felt the same driving on a motorway for the first time after the accident, I felt it when Mrs EB would take a long trip with work, in fact I still feel uneasy about those.

Maybe these feelings are going to fade, I don’t know, I do know I am not in a good frame of mind at the moment. I hope this passes as we arrive in Malta in the morning and we start a week of relaxing and diving.

Anyhooo a catch up.

Saturday Mrs EB’s brother Bryan joined us on the boat with his friend Jenny and her daughter Fern, we had a wonderful time tootling up to Hoo Mill Lock and then back to Tixell Wide, we met up with Mrs EB just after the junction to the Wolverhampton spur as she was getting her cut and stuff earlier, It was a really nice day.

Sunday Mrs EB was leading the worship so we took it easy and went to Jimmy Spices for lunch...wow what a lunch it was. Very good value and wonderful food.

The boat is in for repair, the shower and toilet, and having a new inverter fitted so hopefully everything will be up and running by today, and will be ready for when we return.

Last night Shannon one of the volunteers came round for tea, she is a wonderful breath of fresh air and is from Fort Myers!!! Where Sanibel Island is!!!!!!! She has borrowed Mrs EB’s new guitar for a few weeks so she can practice her playing.

Well that’s about it really, I may blog in Malta? Who knows. If not after November 1st.