Friday, October 05, 2007

Weekly Update

Pheww another week has flown by.

We took my Mum and Dad and Pippa and Sam my niece and nephew out on the boat for the day on Saturday, we had a great time. Entering Tixell Lock I heard a crunch and bang by the propeller...and the steering went light and we had a few shakes. When we stopped at Acton Trussell for lunch I checked the prop through the weed hatch, and one blade was bent!!! I was so upset and brand new narrow boat and now it is damaged.

On Sunday after the mornings service we went to the marina as it was the official opening, a hog roast and free beer!!! Whilst there I had a chat with marine engineers and they said they would take a look at the prop in the week. I also took the starting battery off as it was playing up.

Monday I picked Phill M up and we went to Braunston and took that battery back, they exchanged it for a new one but twice the size.... we then went to Great Haywood and returned the battery to the boat, I connected it up and nothing....I stuck it on charge and came home a little deflated.

Tuesday, I picked up Phil M and Claudio and we set off to Great Haywood for a day on the boat, once there I checked the battery , a good 12 volts, I tried to turn it over ...nothing? I popped and saw the John and John the marine engineers...Big John had a good look, he said it was an earth leak? he checked the connections and I hadn't connected the earth to the negative...I didn't notice one on before.

Wednesday I spent mixing the live blues album recorded in August in Garrigil with my brother in law Bryan, it sounds great a real good feel of their music. Also the guys at the marina took The Robber Button out of the water to look at the prop, and they have bent it back. I am not sure of the cast of this, I will find out Friday.

Thursday was spent at the Production house that uses me when their guy is away, I had a stressful but good day there, one session was with the comedian Hugh Dennis, a really nice guy and a good session once we could get the connection working.

Today I am at Church at Lunchtime mixing the sound for a lunch then I am off to the boat.