Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Part 1

We had a great weekend, well Friday night and Saturday on the boat. Two friends who we go on Diving Holidays with came with us as our first weekend stop over guests. Amanda and David, they arrived about 7pm-ish so it was too late to set off as it had started to get dark, a unwritten rule is no night boating, you can but it is frowned up on. So we stayed in the marina and had a wonderful meal cooked by Mrs EB. We then had a few drinks and played Monopoly until 3am!!! and we were far too tired and a little to tidily to play anymore.

Mrs EB and I woke about 8am, and I made the boat ready and I started her on her way to Tixell Wide, David and Amanda got up when we were under way and we moored up at Tixell , Mrs EB made breakfast and tea and coffee. After Breakie we headed off for Acton Trussel and the Moat House for Lunch, this involves two Locks and quite few bridges, two really nasty ones with some very sharp turns and very narrow sailing area. Anyhooo David had a go at steering and did very well, as did Amanda. After a wonderful lunch we headed back to the Marina and got back just as the light faded away. I reversed into our mooring for the first time, not easy with a 57 foot boat let me tell you.

All in all a really nice weekend though I am a tad tired today.