Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday Update

Well Malta has been a slightly different holiday, I have had a nightmare cold and only managed one shallow dive to 9 meters and my sinus's and ears were in pain so we stopped the depth and stayed around there for about 30 minutes. I still have a blocked nose!!!!
I have also had my mobile phone stolen!! what a nightmare that has been, I have let o2 know and the phone is now blocked and they are sending me a new sim card which means I will be OK once I get back, well sort of, if you read this and you have my mobile number can you txt me with your name? I will then have your mobile number again, I had over 150 numbers in my phone.....and some very personal txts I wanted to keep...oh well maybe it was time to let go?
Malta is as Malta is, it doesn't really change, the prices go up but the ways and people remain the same, Mrs EB's brother and partner are great and we have had a wonderful time with them and Mrs EB has done some amazing dives. We have eaten out at some nice places and seen some nice things, we both feel rested and ready to attack November and Christmas and all of that chaos.
I have recieved notice that I have got a full interview for the job I am hoping to get on November 5th at 1:45pm, please could you pray for me at that time?
I'll do another update when I get back to the UK.