Sunday, April 08, 2007

Busy Bunny

This past week has been quite a busy, Mrs EB’s brother is with us and I have been taking him out and about. I have also been at parents a lot in the early part of the week sorting out stuff for last Wednesdays evening. Wednesday evening was a Charity night organised my parents for Macmillan Cancer relief Nurses at Regal Court. It was a top night, Mrs EB sung and it was excellent, Timelord and Teapot came along and I believe had a good night out, I enjoyed the evening though by home time I had had a beer too many.
I have also been sorting out two friends cats 1 of which needs a tablet each day, but she is not a very social cat, not the easiest job, but she is worth it. I would like to know where she learned that sort of language though?

The 2nd part of the week was spent doing a lot of driving about and eating and drinking and being at church. I am going to be busy again over the next few days, so I may not get many Blogs in before we are off on our little trip.