Monday, April 02, 2007

A Picture

During Sunday evenings service I believe I was spoken to by God, I was challenged by a picture and some words. I have slept on this and I feel I would share them.

I had a picture of an anvil with a heavy chain on it, a small hammer was hitting it but only a few sparks would fly off it. Then I heard the words “you must all do it together”. A larger hammer hit the chains and it was marked, the hammer kept striking the chain and it was weakening. I again heard “you must all work together”, then when the chain was struck by a very heavy hammer it gave way and separated.

I know this may sound a bit lame but I feel God was saying to me, as a people of God we should unify behind things like Fair Trade, if we all did it, then the Tesco and ASDA’s would start paying fair prices to its suppliers.