Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Uh huuuh Elvis has left the building

I have been blessed to see a few Rob Bell videos, Mission Team leader ran a series on Wednesday evenings called "Reaching Your Potential" and before each one of these she played a Nooma Video I got so much from these videos. Anyhooo the other week one was used in a Sunday Service and I thought Rob Bell really knows how to get a message across. He is very much like Team Leader in the way he gets it across. So I decided to buy Rob Bell's book, Velvet Elvis - Repainting The Christian Faith. I have just started to read it and it is an excellent read, it is written in the same style as Rob talks.

I did buy it as a holiday read, but I had a sneaky peak and I am drawn in, it takes you back to basics in the Christian Faith, and to be honest I need that. I really do thank God for the Team Leaders at Church and the Rob Bells, they do make learning about God a pleasure and a joy, the Joy of the Lord is a wonderful thing.