Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guess the weight!!!

So at our hotel in Vegas "The Excalibur" was a first floor with various food stuffs and entertainment offerings, the buffet!!!! Had 4 long serving areas which were about as long as it is as far as the Chinese in Boldmere to The Vesey!!!! Plus it had other food station areas as well!!!

Anyhoo aside from all this food were Bars and various activities, one was a guess your age, Mrs EB and I were sure I could win this one!!! We paid our $2 and he looked at me and said 42!!! Where the heck did he get that info!!!!!
Las Vegas is one place I did enjoy and we both has a top time there, I am sure we will bore everyone to death with our stories...
Today after a very hectic day at Knotts Berry Farm, plenty to say about that place!!! and our drive to L.A. We are just taking it easy, what a shame these little guys can't do the same.

Whist eating breakfast on our balcony this morning a hummingbird was out collecting cobwebs for her nest!!! how wonderful......