Saturday, April 28, 2007

Elvis explained

Whilst on my "vacation" (see I have gone all American) I have read Rob Bell's - Velvet Elvis repainting the Christian faith.

What an amazing book, it takes you back to the ABC af faith and helps you to start again. I have been so encouraged by this book. I have been really finding my understanding of my basic faith very stilted since September 10th.

Rob's book is so much like the Nooma videos, he writes as he speaks and he doesn't bombard you with data and verse he just explains in a caring and understanding way. Very much like Church Team leader. I feel I am ready to start to grow again as a follower of the Living God. Thanks to some very caring friends and a good book. If anyone would like to borrow this amazing book just ask, but be prepared to have your brain blown open....well it did for me with some basic theology explained very simply to a dafty.