Friday, November 02, 2007

Home again

We arrived home safely, I am still annoyed at the loss of my mobile phone, I have got my new sim card but I don't own a new phone as yet, I will pop out later to Sutton and buy a cheap thing. I still have this cold!!!

Borrowed an old O2 phone off my Dad, its very basic but it will get me out of trouble until December 8th when this contract runs out.

I had a nice time in Malta I read a couple of books by Gervase Phinn, he was school inspector in Yorkshire and he writes a fantastic romp about his times, they are very funny and sweet. I also did some recharging as I was very tired after all this diabetes and medication, though I still feel tired I do feel rested after 8 days in the sun.

I am now starting to prepare for my interview on Monday I am not sure at all as to what to prepare? I know I need to think seriously about where I have achieved over the 10 years and surmise that for the interview....what else I just don't know?