Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another day

The New Year is almost up on us and I am thinking this year I may even make a New Years Resolution!!! I know, I never bother normally but I think 2009 I should do something. So I am going to try and eat a little healthier. I don't think Mrs EB and I eat badly, I do try and cook using fresh ingredients, even the Indian food I eat is not really that bad as they are all cooked fresh, yes they do use gee and that isn't really that good for you. I am thinking all around I would like try and eat a little healthier, so maybe I will lose a little of the spare tyre around my waste. When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes I cut sugar from my diet and I actually lost a little weight so I am guessing just by being a little careful I should lose some weight over the next year? who knows...

My health is awful at the moment, I am waking up feeling like I did a few years ago, the easiest way to describe it is like a massive hangover...well it can't be that as I haven't had any booze for a few days. So I am guessing it is the diabetes or a virus or something? anyhoo I hate feeling like this. I just would like to feel normal ..what ever that is.