Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So what's happening in my life now I am back in UK. well I am still looking for a job, not the greatest time to be looking. I am feeling quite ill, I have a nasal infection (saw a doctor at the local hospital at a ENT clinic, he said woooo that is really badly infected, we need to have a proper look inside) I am guessing this why I feel so tired and headachey all the time? and I guess I will be going in to hospital as a day patient soon.

At Church we are in full blown mode at the moment, we have two Cabaret performances Friday and Saturday night, tonight is the rehearsal for the Carol Service on Sunday, Thursday is the technical rehearsal for Friday, then Saturday Morning is the Technical Rehearsal for Sunday Mornings Youth Service. So all in all a very busy time especially for Mrs English Blogger as she is doing a full time job on top of everything else.

We are having the odd problem with The Robber Button and I just haven't the energy to go over and look at fixing a few bits ad bobs that need sorting. I will be putting the Christmas tree up soon, I went and fetched it out of the loft this morning along with all of our decorations... I have been watching a bit of TV, I read a Rebus novel on the Mission and I am now enjoying the TV show, it's on the Channel Alibi on Saturday night. Well that's about it really.