Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Father Santa Christmas

I have strong views on a lot of things. I don't tend to sit on the fence. Since becoming a Christian I find the concept of Santa so wrong. There are many reasons... like we don't want children to talk to strangers, don't accept gifts from Strangers. Never let strangers in to your house. Then this total stranger with a false white beard in a stupid red smock (red because of Coke the Coke company not the drug) is supposed to sneak in to your house, and even in some cases into the child's bedroom and leave some presents. I am sorry but that is so wrong!!!! Anyway here is the proof he no longer exists look he is dead. Christmas is about the birth of Christ, it isn't about consumerism and Santa (an anagram of Satan). Christmas is nothing to do with being good or bad and an old guy with a white beard keeping a list. Christmas is about Mankind's salvation and the birth of God Incarnate as Man. I buy gifts and I receive gifts for Christmas, in fact I love Christmas, it's a wonderful amazing time of the year. I really don't get why parents especially Christian parents keep up the awful pretence of Father Christmas.

Lets please keep Christ in Christmas.