Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A nice post for the end of the year

I guess today is a day for looking back, and as I was looking back I started to think about when I was a young child and Sunday afternoons.
I loved Sunday afternoons, it was lazy time, as a family we would all watch TV if we weren't out with friends playing or things. We always had a nice tea of toast, jam, pate, crumpets, Jamaica ginger cake, blue ribbon biscuits and big mugs of hot sweet milky tea.(I think I would be sick if I tried to drink that now) But by far the best thing was, what was on TV, it was a programme that was made only a few miles away from our house, and I think became one of the worlds biggest TV programmes of the 1970's. The Muppet Show. Mrs EB and I have been fortunate enough to visit the mock up theatre at the MGM Studio's Florida and it is wonderful. I defy anyone to go and not laugh. The TV programme was actually made at the ATV Studio's at Aston Cross, Aston, Birmingham.

Anyhoo I was just looking on You Tube today and found what I think was one of the best sketches ever.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did then and now.

Happy New Year

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