Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mozambique Mission Part 7 (Nampula and Johannesburg & Soweto)

We arrived back at the Missionary Organisation Campus in Nampula late afternoon, it was wonderful to be back, I was again in the man's house and we had running water and a flushing loo !!!..yay. Though a slight problem we had was; that the shower was either on boiling hot or cold, there was no happy medium, but having a shower that actually works was just so nice. It was American Independence Day and the guys at the Organisation had made us an amazing meal of BBQ chicken, rice and coleslaw, a couple of amazing desserts and bottles of Fanta and Coke. It was just a wonderful meal and a great time of fun and laughter. Back at the men's house, Mr C, Dr S and myself had an evening of reading and laughter... it was one of those nights, Dr S started to laugh and no one could then stop laughing, an evening that will last in my memory for a long time. J had made a visa for each of us, taking the micky out of the Mozambique Immigration Office... I didn't pack my copy just in case it caused problems later... like at Mozambique Immigration whilst trying to leave

In Johannesburg R & R met us and it was like seeing old friends, and I guess they are now. They took us home and we had a wonderful tea, it was Piri-Piri Chicken from Nandos !!!! yay!!!woop woop woop. It was wonderful, absolutely fantastic...Mmmmm it was a feast for any ones eyes. The four of us guys Mr C, Dr S, Camerman and I were stopping in a guesthouse as were the girls and Mr and Mrs Teamleader but they were in a different one. I got into my room, a power shower, a flushing loo, and a TV plus a huge double bed with fluffy pillows.... It is amazing, I never missed any of that stuff, but once you have it again it is so nice. I showered and then spent 20 minutes getting rid of 3 huge flying beetles out of my room, then got into bed to find I had disturbed yet anther one!!! got him out of my room and watched 5 minutes of TV to find it loud and annoying and I hadn't missed that at all. I Turned over to find my alarm beeping to tell me it was breakfast time!!! I then had a call from Mr R to say he would be collecting us in 30 minutes!!! eeeek, I rushed to the breakfast room to get some wonderful bacon and eggs...told camerman he would need to be packed up in 25 minutes...he left toot-sweet to pack. LOL he always made me laugh, he always took so long to do things.

Anyhoo we all jumped in Mr R's car and were taken to the lady's guest house to get on the mini-coach for our tour. This tour was totally mind blowing, we had a history of South Africa and Johannesburg and the Gold Mines, we went to Soweto and the Apartheid Museum... I will never understand racism? the colour of someones skin makes people different, how? Robert Mugabe needs to learn this, he is so anti white it is evil.

There must over 600 bricks each one marks someone who died in the anti-apartheid struggle at the Hector Pieterson Museum.

There are a million things wrong with South Africa, but it is really trying to sort things out. The biggest problem I can see is the problem between the haves and have not's, this means anyone with anything has to protect it by guns and barbed wire fences...not nice. This also makes it the most violent country in the World, Johannesburg is the car jacking and murder capitol of the world... I have to say we were all OK and didn't see anything happen.

We visited two museum's the first was the Hector Pieterson Museum, Hector was young boy 13 years old when he was shot in 1976 by the police and was one of the catalysts for the end of Apartheid, a martyr so to speak. Even though it would be another 28 years for this to happen.

We then went to lunch, at Wandies restaurant it's supposed to be really famous and is in Soweto, Richard Branson has eaten there and loads of other people... oh well, food was OK, but nothing to write home about.

After that we went past Bishop Desmond Tutu's house, couldn't see it as it has high walls and razor wire around any other house in Johannesburg. So we saw a white wall really ho humm.

The Apartheid Museum was a museum everyone should see once in their lives really, it shows what man can be like if he lets evil take over his life. Hitler did and look what happened, well this happened in my lifetime in South Africa. I fear it will keep happening in one form or another....Zimbabwe, lots of Eastern European Countries, India, Thailand various South American countries, will we never learn? God made man and woman in his image, black, white, red....what ever colour or sex we are, we are equal in Gods eyes and that is good enough me.

The South African Bill of Rights

A Poster of Nelson Mandela outside The Apartheid Museum

The wonderful Mr & Mrs R

After a wonderful day in Johannesburg we went back to Mrs & Mrs R's for tea, melon and a wash and brush up. Mr and Mrs R are the masters of hospitality and I love them to bits. I could never thank them enough for their warm and genuine welcome and opening up their home to all of us.

Well that is about it really, my Mission Trip to Mozambique, 16 days at times it was hard emotionally and hard on the body, but I have fallen in love with Angoche, it is so beautiful and genuine. I have met some amazing people, spent time with a wonderful team of people, Most of all I have learnt a little about what 4 brave and diligent people have done over 12 years, I am so proud and in total awe of them all. I think I have learnt so much and I think I will be spending the next few months mulling over everything I have seen and been a part of.