Monday, December 22, 2008

Phewwww and now rest

That was a frantic few days...and boy am I tired.

Wednesday evening saw the technical rehearsal for the Christmas Cabaret, Thursday was the rehearsal for the Carol Service. Friday was the first night of the Cabaret, that was a fantastic evening, we had a few tiny problems, the biggest being that most of the cast has colds and sore throats!!! Each act was amazing though. Saturday morning was the technical rehearsal for Sunday Morning's young children's service. Saturday night was the full blown Christmas Cabaret, and what a night by far the best show we have put on, the quality of the acts were just brilliant, each act put 100% into it. Technically I thick we did a top job, over the years we have done a few shows and each one we try to improve on the show. I don't think anyone who came to either show could say they had not seen a show that was not 100% profesional, food that was 2nd to none and not had a great evening.

Sunday morning the young children did their production, called "Stable Manners" it was just fantastic, I laughed and really enjoyed the kids being just kids and really going for it. They all coped really well and the main 5 characters coped so well with the headset mics. Sunday evening was the carol service, and that was so beautiful, Mrs EB's solo was just wonderful and AmyandAmiability's solo was a treat and sounded so fanatsic. But I do have to say I am spent, my brain is all fluffy and my ears are shot.