Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

I loved Christmas day, it started off with a wonderful service at Church, by far my favourite service of the year. Team leader always enjoys doing the service and that just rubs off all the way down. The general hubbub and and noise in the Church is just so exciting and as always the sermon was just spot on.

After Church we went to my parents for Christmas dinner, we got to their house at about 12:30 and my Dad took us to the Pub for a beer, we got home just about the right time, my Mum had made us a splendid dinner. In fact I think I ate a little too much!!! I know me? After dinner we settled into some chairs and watched a tiny bit of TV but I was getting a nasty headache, I didn't say anything, but we headed home. We got home and by the time we got home I felt awful and yes I had a fine old dose of Man Flu!!! urgh...I had some co-codamol, we got some drinks I lit coal fire and we settled down and opened our Presents, and what a wonderful lot of presents we had. We have the most generous friends. My big prezzie off Mrs EB is a trip to London to see Avenue Q, I am so looking forward to seeing this. It is a sort of adult Sesame Street for want of a better description. One of our friends bought us the Sound Track fr I write this blog in my Studio I am listening to is brilliant.
So in early January we are off London for an over night stay a night at the theatre and a wonderful meal out.....Yay, woop, woop woop.

My good friend Baddog who has an amazing blog that I always enjoy reading posted an Amazing U2 Video and I have pinched that link to add to my Blog. One of my Favourite Christmas Songs is Greg Lake's "I believe in Father Christmas "(yes I know, how ironic). U2 have covered this in a way only U2 could.... please Enjoy this.