Thursday, February 08, 2007

IT, It makes my Brain wizz and hurt.

I have been up at Mrs FLN’s fixing her wireless network, this was a little taxing. I have a wireless network and I have it sussed out, but Mrs FLN’s is a different sort of router. So I got the passwords off Prophet and then got inside of it. I reset it all, still no good. I ran out of time, I had to get away and be back here for some work Ronnie was doing. I went back yesterday, and started at square 1. I went through everything and did it logically, and yes after sitting there and reading every page, and putting my nerd head on, I got it working. I am very pleased as it means Mrs FLN can use Mr FLN’s laptop and surf in any room in the house now. It has been really good doing something helpful.